Revenge Of Dapper Day 4/27: Showing Up Is Half The Battle

Despite the fact that I was both exhausted and hung over and I was pretty sure my soul was dead from Infinity War (don’t click if you don’t want spoilers) I was still deeply psyched to get on a plane and wing on down to Walt Disney World.

I didn’t fly in the morning (A decision I sort of regret now) but instead opted for a mid afternoon flight. It was delayed by about a half hour, which was fine except that I HATE being in the Newark Jet Blue terminal, especially after my last couple of plane trips being on United who have a BEAUTIFUL terminal, with lots of space and dining options.

Jet blue has like 5 gates, and not nearly enough seats and one only OK Mexican restaurant.

Whatever, I was going to Florida! And a half hour wasn’t going to throw me.


Look, I know that Magical Express is a gamble time wise, but that it took a full two and half hours to get me to Riverside is a little absurd.

But it did. So, I had a 7:45 reservation at Maria & Enzos, but it was 7:00, and I needed to get dressed. So, I walked out to my room in Alligator Bayou. (STUNNING, by the way, I continue to fall head over heels in love with Riverside…) got dressed and did my hair and makeup as quickly as possible and hoofed it to the boat at 7:30.

Then sat on the boat for ten minutes trying not to have a panic attack about being so late.

I was nearly an hour late to the reservation. (Like the fall trip, you will see a recurring theme here…) They still honored it which was nice of them. I was excited about Maria & Enzos, though not really for the food, I just wanted to see the place, and it is beautiful. The food was also adequate, which means it was probably actually great, but I’m snotty about Italian food because I live in an area with the best Italian American Food anywhere…Honestly, normally I wouldn’t even GET dinner at a restaurant with this menu in Orlando, but the place is stunning and has a cool mid century aviation theme, which fit my Evita looking ensemble quite well.

I ate a pasta and crab and tomato dish. It was quite good, again, just, I’m picky about this. I also had a really good glass of prosecco.

After that I moved on to The Edison, which was also incredible. I even made friends! Go me! (I’m not always great at this.) But I spent the night dancing, drinking excellent Vodka Martinis and making plans to meet up with folks at other times throughout the weekend!

The Edison feels like something different, including post modern jukebox type covers of pop songs, and burlesque dancing and seriously, very good martinis. I drink Vodka Martinis with a twist, so a lot of the times it becomes just a giant glass of vodka, or there’s too much vermouth and it gets sour.

These were perfect, included the lemon juice, were stirred instead of shaken, and had just a splash of vermouth. SO GOOD.

I got back to the hotel at 1:30, but I was drunk, and the Bayou is beautiful but twisty, so I got HELLA lost and didn’t make it back to the room until 2.

This proved to be kinda a problem in the morning, but I was happy about it in the moment, because despite a rock start, it was a great night, and then My Cousin Vinny was on TV, which was also great for falling asleep, because I love that movie, but have also seen it a hundred million times.

Stay tuned for Dapper Day at Magic Kingdom, making more friends, eating a lobster and night time park shenanigans.

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