36 Books in 2017 #21: Tropical Attire Encouraged And Other Phrases That Scare Me By Alison Rosen

I first discovered Alison Rosen on Pete Holmes’s interesting but now too much for me podcast, You Made It Weird, and I quickly realized, OH THANK GOD, there’s another woman in her late 30’s who’s worldview mostly matches up with mine. I’m totally going to enter a point in my life where my voice fits me. (I’ve suspected this since I was like 12.)

Anyway, that was like five years ago, and I started listening to Alison’s podcast Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend twice a week since. (Actually, from my intitial jump into podcasts, I think that Alison, Chris Hardwick and Cracked are the only ones still in my feed…) So when she said she was publishing a book, I was thrilled. 

The book is a collection of columns that Alison wrote that were chosen and put together by her husband Daniel. (D-Quantz on the snappy…) It was cool to read them, as they’re from before I really got into the podcast, so it covered a lot of stuff I hadn’t heard her talk about. (Alison tends to repeat herself, it’s another thing we have in common…)

Anyway, I laughed out loud a bunch, was happy to hear about Alison wishing she could be cooler than she is, (RELATE SO MUCH!) why she doesn’t like taking baths, and her worry about becoming one of “those people.” (Long passed that threshold, what with the fact that I’m freaking out as I write this because I can’t find my Captain America themed dress to wear to see Infinity War…and this is posting while I’m on my 8th Disney World trip in 3 years…) (The dress was at my mom’s) (I know you were worried)

Anyway, the book is actually a good primer on Alison’s voice if you’d want to pop into her podcast, if you don’t like this quick easy book, you’re not going to like the show.

I love both. Good for me!

Up next is Children of Dune because guys, I’m jonesing for a new obsession, and lately, Dune seems to be the only thing sparking.


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