Come What May

You know what folks? I love a theme, and it appears that this week, I just so happened to fall into one.

Since I was 16 I’ve hoped to hear about Moulin Rogue! coming to Broadway and as news of it happening has been slowly rolling out over the past few months, I’ve been cautiously optimistic.

I’m not sure how this very kinetic film will translate to the stage or whether the peculiar moment in pop culture, with the sunset of MTV and the rebirth of lavish film musicals both in view, was really what gives the movie it’s power.

But with some news that came a few days ago, it will be clear, that for the lead vocal performances alone this will probably be worth it to me, since Satine and Christian are going to be played by Karen Olivo and Aaron Tviet.

Again, on Wednesday night, as Crystan and I discussed this, we just sighed dreamily over the idea of Karen Olivo singing “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” and even more over the two dueting on “Come What May.” That’ll make the whole thing worth it.

Also, Karen has great hair, and Satine needs to have great hair.

Sorry there isn’t a lot to say here, but I liked the idea that I had two weeks in the row of publishing every day! It’s been a while since I did that!

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