Nerd Homework: Star Trek: The Next Generation

My college roommates all really liked Star Trek. (Except, Juli, maybe? I don’t know how she felt about it.) I did not.

I just, wasn’t interested in it. I liked the odd episode here or there. (“Mirror, Mirror” like a MALLFUCKER! To paraphrase Jay.) And I’d attempted to watch The Next Generation before, but always fell asleep during “Encounter At Farpoint,” the show’s really boring for the first few episodes, except for those times when it’s being actively bad.

But, back in November, when I had my three weeks of not having a job, I decided that I was going to push through and something amazing happened…

I fell in love with the show. I really passionately, have a lot of opinions about Star Trek now, and I um, didn’t expect that to happen.

Unfortunately, you know, for me, my opinions don’t really align with other Star Trek fans opinions. For instance, I like nothing better than when there’s a holodeck malfunction or Beverly does a play, or anything really, (BEVERLY CRUSHER FOR GOD!), or DEAR GOD Q does something whimsical, I am so happy.

But mostly, I was happy that TNG is basically The West Wing with a robot. Everyone’s a good person, and they want to do the right thing, but they’re placed in extraordinary circumstances and so they rise to the occasion.

And it’s great.

I mean sometimes it’s awful, but usually it’s great! Like 75% of the time it’s great.

Anyway, let’s talk about shipping. And by that I mean let’s talk about Jean-Luc Pickard and Beverly Crusher. Troi and Riker and Worf and whatever’s going on there, that can go away. (Not like, the three of them. They’re great. I like them as characters. Just, it’s a dumb love triangle) They are not important. What is important is when the beautiful space doctor who tap dances and the stuffy Shakesperian french captain flirt awkwardly and it’s the best and in the future they get married (but get divorced? The finale is confusing. BUT! Beverly becomes a captain. BECAUSE SHE’S THE BEST!) Anyway, they’re amazing. I love them, and I will talk about them ad naseum.

Also, there’s Data, who I am way more invested in than I thought I would. I want that dumb robot to have feelings damnit! (He doesn’t! BUT MAYBE HE DOES! He does have a cat.)

Anyway, I loved the show. My next round of Nerd Homework is Cowboy Bebop, and then I’m going to double fist Dragon Ball Z Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which basically means that I’m gonna watch a few episodes of each of those a week.

We shall see how this goes, you guys.

3 thoughts on “Nerd Homework: Star Trek: The Next Generation

  1. To clarify: I watched the new movie on GLM patio when it came out but that is about the extent of my Star Trek knowledge. I have friends who are into it (James) and my brother- and mother-in-law. So pretty much between Dom’s mom and Anthony I hear plenty and I know the basic concept but it’s one of those things I never got into…and Dom’s not into it either even though it was all his mom watched while on bed rest while pregnant with him. I’m sure I *could* watch it, I just haven’t. Along with a lot of other shows I just don’t have time for, lol


    • I just remember Beth, Jen & Jenna being WILDLY OBSESSED and trying to get me to be too and it not gelling. I couldn’t remember where you fell on the spectrum, but it’s in the mostly not your thing column, so I figured no.

      Liked by 1 person

      • lol yeah, basically. I remember them being extremely over-enthused by it all but I think they knew I wasn’t into it and left me alone lol


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