30 Books in 2018 #8: Someday, Someday, Maybe By Lauren Graham

I used to read books like Someday, Someday, Maybe all of the time. Books about girls who move to New York City to “make it.” I mostly picked up this one because I liked Lauren Graham’s memoir Talking As Fast As I Can and I figured it would be a quick read.

It was, once I got into it, but it was also, kind of hard for me to get into. Graham’s a good writer, but she writes as if she’s telling a story, which worked really well in a memoir, but is tougher for a vaguely fictionalized version of her 20’s. That said, it’s a fun book, and was a really good way to reset my brain and remind myself that I have other interests beyond the apocalyptic visions of boring white men. (Herbert probably wasn’t boring. That was mean. But I bet Ernest Cline is SUPER dull.) Sometimes, I like to hear stories about the city I love from moderately successful white women!

Well, Lauren Graham is really successful. She’s been a co lead on two long running network TV shows. And written a pair of books. But you know.

OK, so those last two paragraphs? Imagine an entire book of that. That’s what this book was. And I enjoyed it, but it was exhausting and hard to track sometimes. There’s some fun stuff, though, all of the auditioning and commericial shooting parts are a hoot. And of course, Franny Banks, the actress who is most definitely Lauren Graham at her younger less experienced, dates a pretentious working actor by the name of James Franklin, who hits on the women in his acting class and then offers to buy them boob jobs. (Seriously, it’s the least veiled part of the book. And it’s EXCELLENT.)

Overall, it was a nice week of escaping into someone else’s neurosis for once, and frankly, to be reminded that I need to read more books by women. Actually it was reading the bro-iest book I’ve ever read that did that, but still, I was reminded how much I love hearing other women talk about their lives.

Up next is The Glass Castle. Because we all need to be reminded about neglect and abuse, and also I’m trying as hard as I can to reinstate my mom’s old rule of reading books before I see their movies, and I really want to watch that movie.


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