The X-Files: Season 11: Episode 1: “My Struggle III”


Guys, I know I’m not really qualified to complan about not having new X-Files content, for any amount of time, since I never waited over a decade for any of it. BUT because of the weirdly compressed way I watched the show. (0 to everything in less than 4 months) it left a really weird hole in my life when I was done with it.

Which is why I’m glad it’s back even though, this tweet I posted as the episode ended last night, basically sums up my feelings:

Because seriously do you want to know we didn’t need for this show to be compelling? The implication the The Smoking Man raped Scully and got her pregnant with William, rather than you know, a consensual sexual encounter between two adults who cared deeply for one another but could never make it work doing the deed.

I also didn’t need Jeffrey Spender to come back, like at all. If we’re going to be resurrecting characters with grey area motivations when it comes to our heroes, couldn’t we bring Krycheck back? (#TeamKrycheck! #SpenderIsTheWorst!)

Anyway, the episode. So it turns out “My Struggle II” was mostly a hallucination, or something? Who even goddamn knows with this stupid show, and dumb stupidness? I sound like I’m being dismissive but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Scully is now in the hospital, getting seizures that may or may not be visions psychically sent to her by William.

The Smoking Man, meanwhile, is preparing, with the help of Agent Reyes, to unleash his alien plague and restart the human race with him, Scully, Reyes and Skinner, I think? Not Mulder though, for reasoning of I believe, “fuck that guy!”

Mulder, meanwhile is running around, hunting The Smoking Man, and instead finding all kinds of other, NON smoking man members of The Syndicate, (including Barbara Hershey!!! HEEYYYY!) and refusing to believe anything anyone tells him and yelling about it. (Mulder, at least is acting like himself.)

Anyway, Scully decides they all just need to go back to work, because she is a goddamn boss.

Oh, also Einstein and Miller were there. Because, whatever.

Look, I enjoyed the episode, but it definitely fell into some of the biggest traps of stupidness that The X-Files often falls into, but at least everyone was acting like themselves.

Except Reyes, I still don’t understand what’s going on with her, or how her psychic ability somehow got passed to Scully.

Eh. There are more episodes. We’ll see.

Or you know…probably not…because there is no truth you guys, if there’s anything I learned that the intravenous drip of X-Files I was on in 2015 & 2016, it’s that.

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