Stardust, One With The Force and Hope

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is never going to be my favorite Star Wars movie. It’s not even my favorite Star Wars movie to come out this decade. It’s really good though.  It’s also grown on me quite a bit.

Here’s some stuff that’s dropped in.

  • Empire’s bigger and scarier than we’ve ever seen it. Countless people come, they compel Galen Erso into completing the Death Star, but he tricks them, by building in the self destruct sequence that of course, sets of the course of this whole exercise, into the station.
  • We learn that there are people who were NOT JEDI who still followed the way of the force, they include Jyn Erso’s mother, Donnie Yen (I do not know this character’s name, I can’t remember it. I’m sorry) and Donnie Yen’s awesome friend.
  • Because he is the DARK LORD OF DRAMA Darth Vader makes his home in a giant black tower on Mustafar. You might remember this as the horrible lava planet where he choked his pregnant wife to death, and then his best friend cut off all of his limbs and left him for dead. Seriously, if there was any doubt that the man Anakin Skywalker still exists, this is the proof. “THIS IS THE SIGHT OF MY LARGEST AND MOST DESTRUCTIVE TEMPER TANTRUM! I SHALL MAKE IT MY HOME!” “But why?” “BECAUSE I MUST WALLOW IN ALL OF MY WORST FEELINGS AND IMPULSES! HAVE WE MET?”
  • The Rebel Alliance is kind of a mess, which is also sort of great. It is however run by Bail Organa, who declares that he is going back to Alderaan. (DON’T GOOOO! Stay on Yavin IV, which is, incidentally where Poe Dameron is from.) and Mon Mothma. As previously noted Bail Organa DOES NOT MESS AROUND, so the alliance holds
  • Everyone in this movie dies, pretty much, which is why we never see any of them again. This was a very good plan.

We’re into the OT this afternoon y’all. (Yes, I doubled this up with A New Hope last night.) HOORAY!

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