Midichlorians, The Duel of Fates and ZZZZZ

Hi everyone! YES! There ARE two posts today! WHAAAATTT???? It’s about that time of year, next week Star Wars: The Last Jedi is coming out which means it’s time to rewatch the Star Wars Saga (and one Story!) and get myself all ready to take in the next chapter.

After some back and forth on how to watch, I landed on my favorite way to rewatch, the beloved Story Order (So, Prequels, Rogue One, OT, TFA) And if I want to get them all in with a wrap up post (which I do) I’m gonna have to double up a few days.

So, here’s what I’m doing…rather than write up full reviews (I did that 2 years ago…you can go back and read them.) I’m going to talk about the things that each movie contributed to the larger universe that I think may become important in The Last Jedi. Cool? Cool.

So, here we go, important bits of mythology from Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

  • We are introduced to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who as Rey’s grandfather is a super important person. (Shut up, I hold this as truth until contradicted.)
  • Obviously, we meet Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, watch these two kids, they may be important down the line.
  • We learn that the source of the Force is a bunch of microbes, everyone is largely bummed out by this.
  • Also the concept of the Sith being the power of the darkside is introduced.
  • The idea of a chosen one, meant to bring “balance” to the force, fulfilling an ancient prophecy is introduced. Qui-Gon Jin believes that Anakin is this chosen one. Later, Obi-Wan believes it is his son Luke. The Last Jedi trailers lead us to believe that balance has yet to be acheived and Luke thinks the way to do it is to end the Jedi order.
  • Palpatine is senator from Naboo here, and working in the shadows as Darth Sidious. He also becomes Supreme Chancellor of The Galactic Senate, a position he will eventually transition to Emperor. All of this is part of what makes this movie so frickin boring.
  • Running against Palpatine for chancellor is Bail Antilles Of Alderaan. Bail must be a common name on Alderaan as it’s also the name of Bail Organa, Leia’s adoptive father. Regardless Bail Antilles is the father of Wedge Antilles, future awesome Rebel pilot, friend of Skywalker twins and precursor to Poe Dameron, sexiest man in the galaxy. So, that’s a thing.
  • The greatest, technically speaking, light saber fight, “The Duel Of Fates” takes place. (It’s not the most emotionally impactful, in my opinion, that comes later. Also, it’s between three people, so, not technically a duel…) It’s an exceptional bit of filmmaking though, with excellent fight choreography, a killer score and some awesome character moments.

Overall, I’m shocked, everytime I rewatch Episode I, at how dull and slow the movie is. Seriously, I have trouble paying attention to it. (I made dinner and cleaned my apartment while it was on this time.)

I know this post is quick, but that’s also why I’m doing these posts this way, I can get them out without overthinking, just reacting. And we’re tracking a mythology here, you guys, the details are there! (Also, except for Rogue One, I’ve seen all of these movies a ZILLION times.)

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