Well Met, Gunslinger

The Dark Tower

You know that feeling where you know you’re nearing the end of a book and you don’t want the story to end so you avoid the reading for as long as you can?

That was me for the past week with The Dark Tower. After speeding through The Wolves of The Calla (FAVORITE) and The Song of Susannah I started the final volume and realized that I was too far along, and that it would all be ending soon and I had to stop otherwise I’d be leaving Mid-World, Roland, Jake, Eddie, Susannah, Oy and The Man In Black behind.

I wasn’t ready, but I knew it had to happen. And I said goodbye to each of them in turn. To Eddie as he fought to free the Beam from the Breakers of Blue Heaven. To Jake as he shielded Stephen King from the van that nearly killed him in 1999. To The Man In Black, Walter, as he tried to ally with Roland and Susannah’s demon half son Mordred only to be destroyed. (That’s one of those sentences that doesn’t make any sense out of context…) To Susannah as she passed into a new world, to be reunited with Eddie and Jake. To Oy as he defended Roland one last time. And finally to Roland Deschain, The Gunslinger himself as he stepped through the door at the top of The Dark Tower, only to begin the story all over again.

People complain about this ending? This brilliant perfect ending? This is the disappointing bit of sloppiness I’ve seen tossed aside in comment sections and heard scoffed at during comic cons over and over again?

I don’t understand people. And people generally don’t understand endings, and it drives me nuts. (Seriously, I’ve spent so much breath on the ending of Lost, and why it’s perfect. Also The Hunger Games.) 

Anyway, in a few weeks, if as the man in black flees across the desert, and the gunslinger follows, Roland carries the Horn of Eld, well…I think that could bode very well.

It’s all Nineteen after all.

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