“What Does This Mean?”: Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 9 & 10

Guys, I almost missed watching this week! Seriously, I’m kind of a mess…ANYWAY! Onto the episodes.

Season 1: Episode 9: “Thanksgiving”

I love a show that contrives reasons for it’s characters to spend a Holiday together when it doesn’t actually make sense to do so. This time, it’s because Julie doesn’t want to face her parent’s after her rape. Of course she doesn’t say this, but it’s pretty clear that’s the reason.

Felicity decides to stay as well, to be supportive or something. Noel is staying to spend the weekend with Hanna. (JENNIFER GARNER!) And Ben is staying because he misses his plane, or something? So, they all get together and Felicity and Julie cook a makeshift dinner at the dorm. It’s ridiculously the adorable, but that’s not the important part.

The important part is that Hanna (JENNIFER GARNER AND HER PERFECT CHEEKBONES) is moving to New York, and this forces Noel to realize that he has feelings for Felicity. She yells at him about something stupid, because she’s mad about Hanna (JENNIFER GARNER IN ADORABLE GLASSES) and they wind up kissing in the bathroom. Also Ben sees them. GASP! Oh and Hanna (I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT THIS IS YOUNG PERFECT JENNIFER GARNER) has been seeing someone in Chicago, so I guess they break up.

Season 1: Episode 10: “Finally”

It’s finals week, and which Noel and Felicity are trying to both study and make out with each other a lot, but also avoid making out with each other, the rest of the cast is trying to get it together. Ben needs poetry help. And Felicity helps him (WHY?) Sean is walking around trying to sell fruit, and help Julie with her economics work, and Elena is trying to memorize everything.

So, with Felicity abandoning him for Ben help, Noel gets some kind of enhancement powder from Meg to help him focus, but since it’s made of beets, which apparently turn him into a crazy person, he loses it a little bit. But the guys wind up talking and bonding on their own terms, which is pretty great. I’m in for this love triangle. I’m in a way I haven’t been for a long time. But you know, Team Noel, all the way. I hate Ben. (I mean, less, than I did a few weeks ago. But you know. I hate him.)

Mostly though, this episode, amazes me. There’s something deeply stylish about the whole thing, and I kind of love the cutting and the subtitles, the whole thing is awesome.

Other Stuff

  • Why I Hate Ben: I don’t, really, this week. My hatred is fading, I guess that’s good. Or maybe I have Ben related Stockholm syndrome. Whatever, I don’t hate him so much anymore
  • Team Noel: So. Much. Kissing. It is glorious. Also, they decide to be together.
  • Actors I love on This Show: JENNIFER GARNER AND HER WONDERFUL PERFECT FACE AND AMAZINGNESS. Also, she is yet another future spy on this program. I’m just saying, this is a weird pattern. (I know that this is where she met JJ Abrams, I get all of that.)
  • I’m waffling on whether this show is satisfying my Teen Soap urge and whether I should indulge in Riverdale, which is apparently the best thing to happen to the genre since Chuck Bass bought a burlesque club. If I start watching, I may tack on little mini recaps here, would everyone be cool with that?
  • If this were really The WB/CW, there’s be a month long break before I got back to watching episodes. Luckily, it’s Hulu, so I’ll be back next week!

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