Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 5 & 6: War Stories

felicity-season-1Season 1: Episode 5: “Spooked”

Felicity and Ben get mugged, and react to it in different ways. Felicity reacts by applying for a job at Dean and Deluca, helping the police and talking Ben through his feelings. Ben reacts by calling Felicity in the middle of the night to talk about his feelings and then making out with some other girl at a Halloween Party.

My hatred of Ben grows strong, it may turn me into a Sith, or like whatever the WB version of a Sith is. (Chad Michael Murray? A male vampire from Buffy before they fell in love with Buffy?) I mean, I kind of hate Felicity too, but I also relate to her, because I so get being that girl, I was that girl for so many guys when I was that age, and younger, but oh God, is it awful to see it being acted out by a character I like so much. I want to shake her.

Anyway, Noel encourages Elena to go with him to the party, which he winds up skipping because he’s taking care of a crying drunk Felicity, because OMG HE’S THE BEST EVER.

Julie, meanwhile, is hanging out with Zack and they kiss a few more times and I like this plot a lot. Overall this was an interesting episode that was made awesome by a few weird touches that I’ll get into below.

Season 1: Episode 6: “Cheating”

This episode is, for reasons I guess I understand not about Noel cheating on his girlfriend with Felicity. (Which I would have much preferred.) Instead, it’s about Felicity rewriting Ben’s paper for their poetry class because Felicity has BOUNDARY ISSUES. Ben didn’t ask her to, she just did it. And it’s pretty awful, because they both wind up in big trouble for plagiarism, and because it illustrates both of their most monstery qualities.

Anyway, that’s all happening with Julie and Zach get ready for their second date to go see Solaris, which Julie is only marginally interested in. She fakes it, but winds up being honest and hey, he likes her anyway. Also, Elena and Blair, the guy she hooked up with on Halloween also deal with having relationship things, mostly, he’s really sweet, and she’s kind of freaked out about it.

Oh, and Noel goes to Ben’s apartment and eats some Marzipan that Ben’s roommate (GREG GRUNBERG!) made. Because adorable.


Other Stuff

  • Why I Hate Ben: He makes out with a Pink Power Ranger (haha, I totally get that. That’s really funny) instead of Felicity at the Halloween party. He also bails on their couple costume. Granted, he confesses that the mugging reminded him of being scared of his father, and while I always have sympathy for WB Characters With Horrible Abusive Fathers. (Love you Nathan Scott and Pacey Whitter) Ben has none of Pacey or Nate’s redeeming qualities, so it’s not enough.
  • Team Noel: If anyone likes you even after you throw up on them, they deserve to continue being your friend. Also, he’s nice to Elena, who’s sort of a jerk to everyone, but Noel is so nice he’s even nice to her.
  • Actors I Love On This Show: Guys! Greg Grunberg! Who I knew was on the show and I was waiting for, but oh the glory that is the beginning of the most important friendship in all of entertainment, that of JJ Abrams and Greg Grunberg. Also Ian Gomez! Not only do I enjoy his work, he’s married to Nia Vardalos, which makes him the coolest man alive.

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