A Colossal Mistake: Felicity Season 1: Episodes 1 & 2


OK, so, we’re diving into yet a another WB era drama. This time, I’m way less attached to it, although I have high expectations, as the people I know who like this show basically love everything about it. And, if I’m being honest, so far, I do too!

Season 1: Episode 1: “Pilot”

Felicity Porter is a character I do not know very well, but from the moment she opened her mouth in the pilot I felt like I knew her exactly, I felt like she was me in a little way. Her impossible crush, her indecisiveness, her, well, everything.

Her decision to follow Ben across the country and start a new life in New York is referred to several times in these first episodes as “a colossal mistake,” but of course it isn’t. The reasoning might be insane and after Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it’s hard for me to see it as charming, or even like at all OK. Luckily, Felicity doesn’t dwell on the motives of the decision so much as the mechanics and aftermath of it, so I can probably get past it.

Anyway, Felicity in New York captures that free floating wait what’s next feeling of starting college in a really breathtaking way. Every character feels just a little bit in over their head, every feeling is just a little more intense and suddenly everything is just different.

Anyway, I was about halfway through the pilot when I decided that I hate Ben. I hate him. Also, I love Noel, and not just because he’s young Scott Foley (TEAM JAKE FOREVAAA!) but because he’s dorky and sweet and has a crush on Felicity and tells her so when she asks but doesn’t make it weird when he knows that she doesn’t have the same feelings. I love him.

I also like Julie, and I’m always happy to see Amy Jo Johnston, and I love that she chooses Felicity’s friendship over her crush on Ben, because that is a thing that happens in real life, like all the time, especially at that age.

I’m into the “letters” to Felicity’s ex tutor Sally as a framing device for the voice over and I’m interested to learn more about that relationship.

OK, so I’m hooked. Let’s move forward.

Season 1: Episode 2: “The Last Stand”

Felicity needs to reckon with her parents who do not approve of her decision to come to New York. They don’t yet know that she did it to follow a boy, but when they find out they are even less on board with the whole thing. As she tries to explain to them what her new found independence means to her, she winds up deeply hurting her Mom’s feelings and bringing her father around.

I really like this episode and this plot. Her parents don’t understand and are worried about what they see as a sudden change in their daughter. So they try to bring her back under control, because of that worry. Felicity understands that they’re afraid, but isn’t going to budge on her new life. It’s pretty great.

Noel is also great, and assures said worried parents that he’s looking out for them. While this is a little bit paternalistic and weird, I adore him and I’m willing to forgive it. There are some ridiculous Ben related shenanigans, including Felicity sending him a copy of her college admissions essay, which was about him. Oh, honey, no, why? Ben is still hung up on Julie, who reveals that she came to New York to find her birth mother, but she can’t tell her parents, because she knew that they’d be hurt.

Other Stuff

  • Reasons why I hate Ben: He cannot admit that he’s being really unfair to Felicity. Reason why I can overlook that one? She’s basically stalking him. He lied about having a brother who died to get into college. WHO THE HELL DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND WHY DOESN’T A NICE GIRL LIKE FELICITY RUN AWAY FROM HIM VERY QUICKLY AT THAT POINT? He continues to hit on Julie even though he knows her best friend has a monster crush on him. Not a fan.
  • Actors I Love Who Are On This Show: John Cho plays a kid on Felicity and Noel’s floor who’s roommate might want to kill him. Also Constance Zimmer is in a bathroom where Noel talks to Felicity about her parents. I doubt we’ll see them again, but I was really excited about it.
  • I imagine that Felicity’s roommate Meg eventually becomes more of a character. At least I hope so, because I bet she’s really fun.
  • Crystan Says: “I’m really glad you’re covering Felicity and might have to watch along with you.” I hope she does. Check out The Fangirl’s Dilemma Facebook to see what she says.

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