Looking Ahead

So, I don’t know exactly what this blog will look like in 2017, beyond The Defenders stuff that I already have planned and the returns of Game of Thones and Once Upon A Time respectively.


I’m kidding, 2017, like the year, is going to be almost exclusively dedicated to hype for Wonder Woman and Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Who’s the main villain in Wonder Woman? Will Diana and Steve kiss? Will the movie actually be worthy of her? Will this finally shut everyone up about whether women can carry a blockbuster? Will Bruce Wayne appear? Will this spark a boom in World War I type looks in fashion, like I always hoped Downton Abbey would? Will Diana’s bisexuality be addressed?

Who are Rey’s parents? What’s Snoke going to do to complete Kylo Ren’s training? Will Poe and Finn get together? Will Luke have lines in this movie? Will the absence of Harrison Ford create a large charisma black hole that none can fill? Will Ewan McGregor appear as Force Ghost Obi-Wan?  (Thus providing a small portion of the plug in the charisma hole) Will Adam do something stupid in the final season of Girls that will cause me to be unable to take Kylo Ren seriously as a villain? (This is almost guaranteed.) Will this finally shut everyone up about whether women can carry a blockbuster? Will Rey lose a hand? Will Rey get a new light saber? Will BB-8 continue to be the cutest? Will Captain Phasma have a plot function? Will I cry every time that Carrie Fisher is on screen. (Obviously)

Also, in actual practicality terms, I am cutting back here. I’m only going to post 3 or 4 days a week.

Monday: Movie Post Season/Once Upon A Time/Game of Thrones

When Once Upon A Time comes back, Movie Post Season will shift to either Tuesday or Thursday, based on when I have time to watch and write up the movies. Then we’ll be about into Movie Season, which because of Defenders, will get similar treatment, usually Tuesdays, until Once ends again…but you get the idea.

Wednesday: I’ve decided to watch Felicity, two episodes a week will bring us right up to well,  something else…but after One Tree Hill, I like being in touch with that side of my nerdiness, and I think Felicity is a good way to get going, especially since I’ve never watched the whole thing, only an episode here and there. Expect frequent, “Crystan says…” moments in this one, as I know it’s one of her all time favorites.

Friday: Defenders, we’ll get into Jessica Jones tomorrow. I’m very excited to revisit it. Daredevil season 1 did not hold up under week to week scrutiny like I thought it would, but by all accounts Jessica Jones is the best of the lot, so we shall see.(I know Daredevil season 2 is going to be kind of a shit show. Luke Cage will hopefully work out)

I am leaving that fifth day to every once in a while squee about something huge. Which, if we’re honest will most likely be Wonder Woman or Star Wars news, images and trailers. Because I mean, we’ve been doing this for almost five years, there’s no reason to lie about it now.


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