Movie Season 2016 Part 2: The Old Moviesfbe

So, I’ve been having some trouble putting my finger on how to move forward. New job and other life stuff is just changing the way I consume and when and how I write. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a thing that I have to deal with a little bit.

But, after watching La La Land , I decided that I’m going to pair up each movie season movie with an older movie that I think it should be paired up with. I’ll watch and review those movies.

This will be the Monday spot until Once Upon A Time comes back and then I’ll push it back.

We good?

  • La La Land – An American in Paris
    • To explain: Everything about La La Land made me want to watch Gene Kelly movies, and if we’re going to get right down to it, it doesn’t get better than An American In Paris. (I will accept your arguments for Singin’ In The Rain, which is a great deal more watchable.) It is so artistically perfect that the entire third act is a dream ballet. Also Gershwin. It’s a weird ass movie that could never get made today, but damnit did La La Land get close.
  • Moana – The Little Mermaid
    • This was a gut choice, but it mostly comes because it shares directors. There’s a lot about Moana that I think could fit with just about any 90’s Disney movie in discussion, but the paralell between “Part Of Your World” and “How Far I’ll Go” is what really pushed me to this choice.
  • The Nice Guys – Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
    • Shane Black at his best both times and both play with the “buddy cop” genre in great ways. So, that’s going to happen.
  • Arrival – Close Encounters of The Third Kind
    • Peaceful, thinky, alien encounter movies, featuring actors in lead roles who carry the weird concept emotionally.
  • Don’t Think Twice
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    • It had to be a Star Wars and it had to be Empire. The best verses the new. The darkest contrasted with the second darkest.
  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping – This is Spinal Tap
    • A few of these are going to be really obvious. This is one of them.
  • Queen of Katwe – Searching For Bobby Fisher
    • They’re both about chess, and specifically about young chess prodigies. Also, I have never seen Searching For Bobby Fisher but as I understand it, it’s quite good.
  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – Harry Potter and The Goblet of FireThese two aren’t particularly close to eachother, beyond being Wizarding World, but Goblet of Fire is my favorite one, so that’s the one I feel like watching again.
  • Pete’s Dragon – Pete’s Dragon
    • Again, obvious.
  • Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters
    • I’ll save your precious childhoods the indignity of murder and watch the original again. (This is not a chore, by the way, I love Ghostbusters, in pretty much all iterations.
  • Captain America: Civil War – Enemy of The State
    • This one I have to give credit to Beth for. I was at a loss for what to do for Civil War but, the story of a good guy on the run from his former allies seems like the right pick for pairing with my favorite superhero movie of the year. Bonus: Will Smith.
  • Kubo And The Two Strings – Spirited Away
    • I went Myazaki to pair with Kubo, and I like Spirited Away a lot, so that’s why I picked this one.
  • Star Trek Beyond – Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    • Credit for the pick to Melvin, but no other Trek people I know contridicted it. I will try to make it through this mercilessly boring movie again.
  • The Magnificent 7 -Seven Samurai
    • Again, with the duh. Might as well go back to the original source. I did think about making this a triple, with the Bronson Magnificent Seven in there as well.
  • Doctor Strange
  • X-Men: Apocalypse – Monster Squad
    • Another credit to Melvin, his explanation will do better than mine: “both movies start with historical flashbacks, an ancient evil reawakens and is defeated by young people.”  Also, Monster Squad is the shit, and should be watched a lot. 
  • The Legend Of Tarzan – Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes
    • I don’t know a lot about Tarzan, but my friend John sure does and he picked this movie.So if I don’t like it, I’ll be sure to blame it all on him.
  • Suicide Squad – Batman
    • Both stylish. Both very of their moment. Both featuring strong possibly iconic performances. One a masterpiece. The other a dumpster fire. But for some reason, I feel like they’re a matching set.
  • Finding Dory – Toy Story
    • Finding Nemo is my favorite Pixar movie, and I would normally take any excuse to watch it again. But, in considering it, I realized that Dory’s quest to find her parents far more closely mirrors Woody and Buzz and their quest to get back to Andy than Marlin and Dory’s initital journey to Nemo.
  • Independence Day: Resurgence – Aliens
    • I name checked Aliens in my review od Resurgence, because it reminded me of Aliens. Not that it is anything like Aliens, which is a masterpiece, but it also switched genres, deals with legacy and takes place many years after the original. I also considered T2 but I just watched that last year for
  • Alice Through The Looking Glass – Alice In Wonderland
    • I kind of just wanted an excuse to watch this movie again. I haven’t seen it in years.

I think this will be good because movies are easier to watch than TV shows a lot of the time, and certainly easier to write up, at least for me. Also, I used to watch a lot of movies, like all the time, and that’s sort of gone from my life. I mean, I still go to the movies a lot but, I don’t just sit and watch older movies much anymore.

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