Westworld Wednesday: These Violent Delights


And on that note, I want to continue my thread from last week about trying to unpack twists being detrimental to story telling. In this episode, Ford chastises The Man In Black (WILLIAM! Who became the man in black because Delores is a robot…and he has issues.) for not looking at the story, only looking at the game, “The maze is not meant for you,” was literal, it wasn’t a clue. The maze isn’t a maze at all, but a metaphor for the discovery of consciousness that Arnold used to test the hosts. If they understood the metaphor and realized that the voices in their head were not his, but their own, they were conscious beings.

Once William decided to play the game instead of follow the story, he lost that thread, and lost the fundamental understanding of both the park, and of Delores and the other hosts.

Ford does understand them, but that doesn’t mean he can control them, and at this point, I’m not sure that he wants to. I do think that he’s alive. There was too much of a hold on that handshake between Ford and Bernard. In the first episode Ford tells Bernard that a dead giveaway of the first hosts were the hands.

If Ford built a host of himself, and if Delores/Wyatt killed that host, what comes next?

I know I said I was going to stop speculating, but it’s pretty much impossible.

Maeve is great, and she looks fab in her little black dress. I think she’s off to find her daughter, but I’m more excited about Snake Tatoo Lady and Hector going all Terminator oh AND THAT GLIMPSE WE SAW OF SAMURAI WORLD.

Let’s also talk about how we got a scene where Delores dies in a weeping Teddy’s arms, because my God, Westworld knows what I like and why I like it.

So it’s apparently going to be two years before we get more of this show…that’s a long time to not speculate. But, there’s two seasons of Game Of Thrones in there, so I can deal with it.

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