What’s Up Once Upon A Time: “Wish You Were Here”

Ah! So it’s the fall finale. I have NO idea what’s going to be in the Monday spot until March you guys, like, none at all, what so ever! So, this is going to be fun, I guess. Or something.

But let’s talk about this episode. I greatly enjoyed this episode and everything about it. When the premise became clear (The Evil Queen wishes Emma away and she is sent to an alternate universe where she never became the savior.) I was very excited because, “Those were always the best Buffys.” (My favorite is “Dopelgangland,” but there are a couple of them and they’re all pretty good.)

Rumple’s Seeing Double

As a result of The Evil Queen’s wish Regina and Emma wind up encountering an alternate version of Rumple who’s still all scaly and weird. While it was a crazy treat to see Carlock get to play with this version again, it still felt weird. Back in Storybrooke, he learns that his mother the Black Fairy, probably took his and Belle’s son, but it turns out the the grown up version of said son, who I will call Darth Baby due to his telepathic powers and black hood, shows up and he is pissed, and apparently going to kill Emma, so that’s a thing.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Well, Robin’s back, but doesn’t know her, because it’s in the alternate happy world. Also, she goes after Emma and it’s not our Emma, it’s weird ditzy Princess Emma, so that’s sort of a bummer, by the end of the episode Emma is herself again, though.

The Evil Queen on the other hand is stuck in Storybrooke, and Darth Baby turned her into a snake, but she spends most of the episode sexually harassing Aladdin, so I’m cool with it.

Whats Emma’s Problem?

Stuck in an alternate dimension where she’s a dippy princess. Oh, and Neal’s still dead, even in her happy place, so that seems unfair. But she does wear a very pretty dress and and a ballin ermine trimmed cape all episode, so that’s a win.

Did Snow And Charming Have Something To Do?

YES! Charming went after the Evil Queen with a sword and in Happy World, they got to wear old age makeup. So, you know, that’s cool.

Henry Mills: The Kingslayer

Tell me that Henry wasn’t totally channeling Jaime Lannister in his alt-world armor.


My Boyfriend’s Back

Aladdin is a genie now and he gets bounced around. First, The Evil Queen grabs him and wishes Emma away. Then she suggests that they get down and dirty. (Cue Aladdin, “Ew.” Literally, that happened, it was glorious.) Then Regina figured out she could wish things, then David got the lamp, and then he and Jasmine poofed off to Agrabah. I hope they come back, because that story seems half finished and also I liked them.

Did We Meet Anyone New?

That’s a nope.

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