Westworld Wednesday: I can’t help you

Sometimes I really hate the internet.

I’ve been doing my best not to follow Westworld theorizing, because I really enjoyed watching the twists unfold as I watched the first four episodes while catching up. I am, however, somewhat plugged in to various media sites, and thus some of the stuff seeps into my brain.

I am now almost 100% certain that William is The Man In Black and that Dolores is Wyatt. I’m curious how this all comes to a head in the final episode of the season, and what the “5 year plan” looks like and why in the hell the internet is so damn good at guessing what’s going to happen on this show!!!

Seriously, I read several threads about how Bernard is a host version of Arnold, which I dismissed immediately. (I am wrong about this show a lot…) and the only thing that I can pinpoint is that the storytelling on Westworld is very, very good.

Here’s a thing that the internet ruined. Narrative twists should not come out of nowhere, the job of a writer is not to trick their audience and blow them away with a wild out of the blue sky ending. That’s bad writing. It is also not the job of audience to dissect every inch of something to figure out the twists. It’s not the only job, I should say. It’s not the only way to enjoy a story.

I like seeing the strings sometimes, I enjoy on a second or third go round of something seeing hints to the ending, figuring out the formulas. It’s a lot of fun. But I also like seeing something unfurl, or come together, or as I’m finding in the case of Westworld, do a little bit of both.

So I’m trying to stay away from internet chatter on this show, as it seems to be dedicated exclusively to figuring out what comes next and what the secrets are. And that’s fine, but it’s not what I want.

That said, Dolores is absolutely Wyatt, and Maeve’s robot army is gonna be BALLIN.

And Elsie lives! (OK, not that last one.)

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