What’s Up Once Upon A Time: “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

Guys, I don’t know what’s happening. I really love this season of Once Upon A Time. I started out recapping it to mock it, but then, I don’t know, this happened.

Anyway, let’s get into the episode.

Rumple’s Fab New Haircut

Belle is taking Rumple on, because she wants to protect their kid. This is all really great. She’s not going to stop and it brings out the super evil in him. I also like that Zelena is helping out Belle with this for her own reasons. Also, he tells The Evil Queen that she needs to kill Zelena. I don’t see that ending well.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Well, she and Emma were stuck in a mirror dimension for most of the episode and they couldn’t help Henry get ready for his first dance with Violet, which was all very sweet. I’m glad that Violet and Henry is still a thing. Anyway, also, the Evil Queen is starting to realize that she’s missing something. Yeah, neither of them are whole. It’s complicated.

What’s Emma’s Problem?

Again, mirror dimension. Also grappling with her inevitable death (which will of course not be inevitable.)

Did Snow And Charming Have Something To Do?

This sleeping curse is letting the show get really creative. The episode opens with a brilliant montage of how they’re living their lives with only one of them being able to be awake at a time. It involves leaving notes and videos and caring for Neal and it’s beautiful.

My Boyfriend’s Back!

Zelena and Belle enlist Aladdin to steal the sorceror’s wand from Rumple. He and Jasmine deny that they’ve got a thing for eachother. He is still very sexy.

Star Wars Reference

The Evil Queen tries to tempt Henry to come to her side, and he says, “I’ll never join you!” She then points out that the Darth Vader thing wasn’t exactly black and white. Is the Evil Queen going to sacrifice herself to save Henry? Search your feelings, you know it be true!

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