Westworld Wednesday: There Isn’t Much Difference These Days

If you’d asked me back in episode 1, which Host was going to figure out that she was a host first, I would not have said Maeve. Hell, if you’d asked me last week, I still would have gone with Dolores.

Honestly, if you’d asked me last week, I would have said a lot of things this week would be different.

Nope everything’s fine. Everything’s normal.

Anyway, Maeve spends this episode getting her act together, re: sentience. Teddy, meanwhile is still riding around with The Man in Black yammering about Wyatt and how he’s got to get back to Dolores. Who, unless the dual timelines theory is for real, is not waiting for him, but is running around on the fringes with William robbing stage coaches, or whatever.

Poor, stupid, still stuck in his loop Teddy.

Anyway, Maeve. She gets herself to the repair shop by goading a customer to choke her hard during sex. (Ah, HBO.) While there, she basically convinces her techs, Felix, and Obnoxious Beardy Dude (I’m sorry, I’m tired and depressed and don’t feel like looking up his name. I have no patience for White Men at the moment. Y’all done fucked up big this time.) to show her around the Westworld facility. She learns about her programming and her past lives and admits that she remembers everything. She tells them that she wants an intelligence upgrade.

I’m really excited to see where this is going.

Elsie is poking around and learns that the malignant code is coming from Arnold. But how? Since he’s dead and all? Well, she shares this information with Bernard, who shares it with Theresa. Bernard also meets Ford’s robot family, and it also appears the maze is done.

I have to admit, I really love Maeve. But I also missed Delores. But Thandie Newton is incredible and I’m glad she’s getting to play this much more active role than it seemed she would initially. (Plus I love the White Girl Protagonist Trojan Horse at play here.)

You know what else I miss? Believe in the better natures of my country men.


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