Time To Get Serious: Because What Else Is There?

Politics are complicated for me. I love a lot of very conservative people. I love a lot of extremely liberal people. I am much more liberal than most of my conservative friends and much more conservative than most of my liberal friends.

Many of my politics come from my Catholicism. I’m not interested in hearing about your bad experience with the Church, right now, I know a lot of people have had them. The Church has never been anything but loving home for me and a guiding light when I’ve been lost. And in that vein, I am pro-life which means that I oppose abortion, the death penalty, unjust war, nuclear proliferation and I believe that care for those counted the least among us is necessary for any society to consider themselves good.

Because of these values I don’t really align with any particular American political party.

Others come from my life. I was taught from when I was very young that love and compassion and courtesy were paramount. My mother in particular did not tolerate exclusion or cruelty from us. When I felt like I was drowning in the first half of my twenties it was my queer friends who held me close and made me feel that my life was worth something. So I spent more breath and energy fighting that the law held their love as equal to my love than I have for anything else. My Person (trademark Shonda Rhimes) is an immigrant, who came here to build a life worthy of her brilliance and pure joy. I now want to raise my voice so that she and others like her still come, and stay and make us better and stronger.

Because of those values I lean Democrat.

But it’s complicated, and I don’t know what else to say about it.

I am so incredibly fortunate. I am white, I am Christian, I am wealthy, I live in the suburbs, I am straight, I am cisgendered, I am educated, I am healthy. I won’t apologize for these things, but I will do what I can to use them to help.

I don’t know how to fix this, how to heal this. People on both sides are in pain. I know I won’t shut up. I have a small corner here, where I talk about media that makes me happy. I’m going to keep doing that. I’m going to keep pointing to the light because it’s all I know how to do. I’m going to speak when I can, but I hope this little corner of warmth is helpful, because it’s what I have to give.

To those who don’t have my advantages, please don’t give up. We need you.

One thought on “Time To Get Serious: Because What Else Is There?

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