Everything’s Going To Be Alright, Wonder Woman Will Save Us


I know it’s election day. I haven’t voted yet, I’m going after work. But with a few very key exceptions, I don’t write about specific political events here  so we’re going to talk about something tangential.

Today, I want to talk about Wonder Woman, I want to talk about hope, and I want to talk about that trailer.

First of all, if you haven’t watched the new Wonder Woman trailer, head on over and watch it. It’s beautiful. Ordinarily when a new superhero trailer shows up I wind up flailing, or crying, or squeeing or some combination of all of those.

Not this time. I watched this trailer and I was excited, but mostly, I felt calm. I felt hopeful, and felt like everything was going to be alright. And then, I got even more excited because I think that’s how Wonder Woman is supposed to make you feel.

I want different feelings from different supeheroes, but from Wonder Woman, I just want a sense that everything is going to be fine, because she’s going to take care of it.

And if nothing else, this trailer reminds us that as women, with her as our representative (and we’ve had worse) it’s our job to get out into the action and get shit done. She protects her home and her world, because she can. She goes over the top in the trenches of World War I, she walks into a fancy party in a ball gown with a sword down her back.

It’s up to us to get shit done. It’s always been up to us, and this trailer, and what I want from this movie is a reminder of that.

Next summer can’t come soon enough. We need this.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. We need that too.

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