What’s Up Once Upon A Time?: “Heartless”

You want to know what I didn’t expect? For there to be a Snow/Charming episode that actually got my feels this season. As “Did They Have Something To Do?” is a key portion of this post, I’d obviously considered them permanently sidelined.

Rumple’s Fab New Haircut

Hoo boy, am I not on board for this storyline at all. I do like that Zelena’s the one who’s blowing it up though, because, as we all know, she’s always been into Rumple. I also like that Regina is just kind of grossed out by the fact that her evil half is hooking up with her old teacher, because I mean, it’s gross, right? I don’t like it. Like at all. Ugh. Shudder. I DO like Belle being 100% done with his shit.

What’s Emma’s Problem?

She doesn’t really have one right now. No tremors, she’s worried she can’t help  her parents, but then Hook gives her a pep talk and she does her thing with Regina and with The Blue Fairy. (That’s right, she’s a character!) So, that’s exciting.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Actually she’s also doing OK this week. I’m into it. I can deal with this Regina, who’s just doing to right thing, helping The Charmings and foiling herself. This is really a storyline worthy of this show.

Do Snow and Charming Have Anything To Do?

AHHHH!!! MY FEELS! Ok, so we get a Snow and Charming flashback! Before he became a prince and she was running around the forest trying to survive, she got caught in the crossfires of the bounty hunter, Dan Scott. OK, the guy is named The Woodcarver but he is played by Paul Johanssen, and I mean, it’s DAN SCOTT! He captures Snow, and David saves her, but they never see each other, and this is all learned through a magical sapling, or something. Anyway, The Evil Queen is threatening to destroy the whole town if they don’t hand over their hearts to her. So they do it, because they’re heroes. Then she puts Snow under a sleeping curse. David of course runs to find her and kiss her, but TWIST! Because, after Unerworld shenanigans that I’ve forgotten the specifics of, they no share a heart, so the curse effects  both of them. One of them must always be asleep. They can never be together.

Seriously, this is beautiful, I thought maybe breaking the curse would kill David this time around, but I like this a lot better, and it’s the first time the show has thrown me for a loop in a long time. Well done, Once Upon A Time.

Did We Meet Anyone New?

Yeah, uh, Dan Scott. I may have mentioned that. But I think that’s it.

Is Hook the Best Boyfriend Ever?

Yeah, he kinda is.

Seriously, everything about this episode worked so well. I was especially happy for Ginnifer Goodwin. She’s really great, and the writing of this show has been letting her down for the last few seasons, and this episode really gave her a lot to do, and I think this storyline is going to be great as well.

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