1000 posts. Can’t Believe It

Wow, you guys, this is my 1,000 post.

I’m a little bit, well, overwhelmed by the whole thing. Also yesterday was my birthday and I’m pretty sure that my hangover is going to kill me.

But Woo hoo! 1000 posts! And believe it or not they aren’t all about One Tree Hill…sure felt like it though.

I didn’t do any analysis, but I’d bet most of them are about Batman.

I mean, I haven’t written about Batman lately, but I used to write about Batman a lot.

So anyway, Happy 1000 posts. Here’s a picture of Batman and Robin.

batman_and_robin Dick and Damian

Oh, you thought I meant Bruce and Dick? No Dick and Damian. Obviously.

Also, Barry Allen bringing Kara Danvers Ice Cream

Ice Cream

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