Westworld Wednesday: “I dreamed of a story where I wasn’t the damsel”

We need to talk about Dolores, we need to talk about Maeve and we need to talk about agency.

You want to know what I didn’t expect when I started watching this show? That it would probably be the most feminist show I’m watching right now. (And I’m still watching Supergirl. Plus American Housewife.) This week, both Dolores and Maeve broke their programming. As it turns out, Dolores is still hearing commands from Arnold, the mysterious co-founder of the park, and Maeve woke up to talk to her tech.

Dolores has also changed out of her pretty blue dress, and has put on the duds of a outlaw, she commits a robbery with William and Logan, and even kisses William. (BOOO) But she’s thinking for herself and breaking out of her loop. She’s also seeing visions of herself, and I’m more and more convinced that Dolores is “the woman with the white shoes” that Bill, the old bar patron that Ford speaks to, constantly toasts.

Maeve spends most of the episode unconscious being worked on, but in the end she wakes up. The paralells of these two women is fascinating and fun. I don’t think that the show has passed the Bechdel-Wallace yet, but I have no doubt that it will get there and soon.

In less crazy awesome feminist news, Teddy is now riding with The Man In Black, who has taken it upon himself to become the villain of Westworld, because he believes the game never had a good enough one. Oh, God, we all know this guy and that’s what makes him such a great character. I’ve talked to, read pieces and comments by this guy for a long time, and I’m so deeply glad to see him portrayed as a monster on a large scale.

I’m starting to get into the things on the operations side too. Elsie is a great character and the fact that she’s refusing to accept the way things are (almost getting killed by a robot will do that) is another great step forward for women characters on this show.

The robots are gaining sentience, and that leads to these characters getting agency in a way that they haven’t had before, and I’m interested in seeing how this all moves forward.

In other news, it’s my birthday! I’m 29. I’m doing OK. I’m not freaking out. You’re freaking out. (Seriously though, this has been a good year, and I’m happy with how it’s gone.)

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