NaNoWriMo 2016: The Big Choice

Hey everyone, it’s time for the writing marathon to end all writing marathons. I started taking part in NaNoWriMo events in July of 2008, I wrote a very poorly thought out and super derivative romantic comedy about a bunch of 25 year olds who lived in Hoboken, did a lot Karaoke, and went on vacation to Florida. (I was obviously really stretching out of my comfort zone on that one. The heroine had also recently become obsessed with vampire fiction. Guess what I was reading at the time?)

Since then I’ve written some bad urban fantasy, a second generation super hero story from the perspective of the hero’s reporter girlfriend, that was actually OK, but I keep forgetting to do more work on, half of another romantic comedy, and a fantasy novel set in a magical kingdom that’s moved on from it’s medieval setting to a regency one, which leads to one of the three projects I was between this year.

I really like playing in the city of Dovetail last year, but while I was writing the story of Lady Emily Williams, a country girl with magical powers who just wants normalcy. (She was also caught in a love triangle between a bad boy magician and her childhood sweetheart. Why yes, I had been listening to Phantom Of The Opera at the time, why do you ask?) But Emily’s story led me to another one, which is what I’m dying to write. Halfway through I stumbled onto the character of Anessa Antony. Anessa is the daughter of Emily’s magic tutor, and she’s a lot more fun to write about than Emily. So, her story is a possibility.

The other is another idea I’ve had brewing for a while, where the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella and The Prince’s younger brother accidentally fall in love and magic induced shenanigans occur. This idea is a little bit sillier and has a lot of farce baked in.

The third is different entirely, and is basically a dark comedic novel about people in their twenties who still live at home in the suburbs.

Anyway, I landed on Anessa, because I really want to know more about her, and I’d get to hang out with Emily and Xander (the bad boy magician, who also happens to be Anessa’s closest friend.) a little bit more.

We’ll see how it goes, but I’m excited to get kicked off.

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