Team Jess & Other Stars Hollow Hopes

The trailer for the Netflix Revival of Gilmore Girls dropped this week. The revival will take 4 “movies” at about an hour and a half each, and trace the lives of Rory & Lorelai (And Emily, Luke, and everyone else.) over the course of a year, each season being represented.

The show is dropping the Friday after Thanksgiving (brilliant!) and I’ve already vowed to slow my binge roll on it, so that my mom, my sister and I can all watch together. Preferably curled on the couch with big mugs of hot chocolate and baggy sweaters. (This is unlikely to happen. Knowing us it will be old yoga pants and red wine. Also fab, but you know, a girl can dream).

And now I warn you. I generally don’t engage in ship wars (despite being a shipping garbage person) but this is different. I fight in this army, I am always and forever Team Jess. I know teams aren’t really the thing in shipping anymore, now it’s the amalgam names, but this is old school, and it’s always going to be Team Jess.

Now, I’m not saying that Jess and Rory’s relationship was good. It was a trash fire. He was mean to her, she unfairly compared him to Dean at every turn, and their breakup that wasn’t really a break up, his numerous returns and obviously the greatest moment in the entire show.

I’m speaking of course about when Jess comes to see Rory while she’s living with Richard and Emily and asks her why she’s flushing her life down the toilet, specifically the line, “You dropped out of Yale? WHY DID YOU DROP OUT OF YALE?” which is my second favorite Milo Ventimiglia performance. (It was recently dropped from the top spot by this week’s This Is Us, when Jack told Rebecca, “Between you and the kids, it’s you, every time.” Behind it, is the moment when Peter meets Claire in the hallway of her high school during season 1 of Heroes, and the moment on American Dreams where Chris apologizes to Meg for making light of JJ’s stint in Vietnam.).

Anyway, we catch glimpses of Dean (WOOORRRRRSSSSTTTTT) and Logan (Ehh) in the trailer, but only Jess gets to talk. I think this is important. These two always got each other, and that’s why they belong together. I want them to be together. I want it so badly.

Other Thoughts About All Of This:

  • I want to know what the Lorelais think of Ryan Murphy
  • I am in no way prepared for the death of Richard Gilmore, I am in complete denial about it.
  • I’m diving back into Gilmore Guys, and have gotten well into season 6. These episodes are long. And that’s just for 45 minute old episodes.
  • I’m curious what Logan’s up to these days.
  • Paris is not in this trailer. This is not OK.
  • Luke and Lorelai are together. THANK GOD!
  • Christopher is also not in this trailer. I’m more OK with that.
  • We’re only a few weeks away from this.


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