What’s Up Once Upon A Time?: “Street Rats”

For the episode that everything was building to (at least according to the marketing!) This was a littler bit underwhelming. But we’ll get there.

Who’s Your Dark One?

No Rumple or Belle this week. I miss them when they’re gone.

What’s Emma’s Problem?

Oh God, well, she’s fed up with how slow therapy is, that’s for sure. She decides that rather than go through with that she’s gonna find proof that being a savior is not a death sentence. She’s going to do THAT by finding Aladdin. Because everyone is convinced he’s alive, and that means saviors can survive.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Well, The Evil Queen can’t be happy because she never lets anyone get to know her, which is also why Regina can’t be happy. But The Evil Queen DOES wear a fabulous turban when she and Zelena go to a spa day. So that’s a thing.

Do Snow And Charming Have Anything To Do?

Not this week. But there was enough happening that it wasn’t too obvious. Plus they’ve been busy, it was time for a break.

Did We Meet Anyone New?

Nope, but we did get the story of Aladdin, who was the greatest thief in Agrabah, but then Jasmine found him, took him to The Cave Of Wonders and he got savior magic. Jafar warns him that all magic comes at a price and then gives him a dagger that will prevent savior death. In the end, Emma finds Aladdin and he gives her the dagger. I’m sure something’s about to go down with this.

The Oracle Is Dead

I wish I cared.

Well, they can’t all be winners, but, we had a good run. Next week we get a Hook centered episode


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