Ready To Run: I DID IT! (Also Airplane Stuff)

OK, everyone, on last week, I went for my first off a treadmill out in the real world, 5K run. AND I made it within my time parameters of 13:30 per mile. Actually I made it in 13:09.

And I’d done a nearly 5 mile run a few weeks ago, but that was with my dad and he kept me on pace. (Oh boy did he…)

The good news about this is that I’m definitely able to run without the treadmill, which I was getting nervous about. Now I just need to start doing longer runs and keeping up that pace. On Thursday, I went for 4.7 miles, and of course immediately caught a terrible cold and now I can barely walk ten steps without hacking up a lung, so running is just right out.

But, I run my first official 10K a week from Saturday, so I have to get back to it. I’m a good deal less worried than I once was.

Planning Update!

I’m going to book my flights this week, complete with an early morning take off on Thursday and possibly an evening flight on Tuesday so that I can get some park time in on Tuesday as well…I dunno, we’ll see.

The Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World 2017 came out this week and I’m reading it now. Granted, this book doesn’t change that much year to year, and I’ve read every edition since 2012, but I love spotting the little differences…

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