What’s Up Once Upon A Time?: “The Other Shoe”

Guys, it’s time for our third installment of Once Upon A Time, which, once again, actually made sense and followed a decent plot structure. WOW!

Who’s The Dark One? Renamed: Rumple’s Creeping

This week, Rumple gives David information about his dead drunk father in exchange for giving a lullabye to Belle. He then creeps outside of Hook’s ship, where Belle is living and we hear the lullabye and it’s quite beautiful, and I dunno guys, I think I might ship it again…but we’ll get there.

What’s Emma’s Problem?

Well, therapy is a slow and difficult process. Also, she’s worried about robbing Hook of his happy ending by over committing to him, when she will be dying soon. Also, she wants a baby, because of Cinderella and her baby.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Well, now Zelena hates her. But she’s actively looking for a way to destroy the evil queen.

Do Charming And Snow Have Anything To Do?

Magically, three weeks in a row, the answer is yes! Snow, in the Cinderella flashback, gets to befriend the other princess, and help Prince Thomas find her, and decide that she’s going to go back to teaching, and introduce Dr. Jekyll to Dr. Frankenstein. That’s like more than she’s done in the past two seasons combined, just in this episode. Also, David is going to investigate how his father died, which, it turns out may have been murder.

Did We Meet Anyone New?

Well, we got to know Cinderella/Ashley a little better, but we’ve known her since season one. We did get to meet her step sister Clarinda and her step mother though. As it turns out, Clarinda was in love with Prince Thomas’s footman, Jacob, but her mother dragged her to The Land Of Untold Stories, so they never got to be together. Ashley takes it upon herself to get them together, as Jacob got sent to Storybrooke way back in the first curse.

How Much Glitter Was In This Episode?

Approximately all the glitter ever.

Do I Ship It?

Emma/Hook: YES! And they’re moving in together, and clearly, Emma wants babies. YES! Have the babies! THEY WILL BE POWERFUL AND SARCASTIC AND GREAT!

Rumple/Belle: It’s hard to pull away from this one. He loves her so much, but also he’s the manifestation of all darkness…so? I don’t know. It’s hard.

Ashley/Thomas: They’re just precious. Their dance was quite lovely.

Clarinda/Jacob: I mean I guess? Clarinda seems nice, but Jacob literally said like five words.

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