Weasley Is Our King

So, I recently reread the Harry Potter series, which is one of those, things I like to do from time to time, also because after The Cursed Child I felt the need to find my way back to The Wizarding World.

But this time, I really found myself focusing on Ron Weasley.

I’ve always loved Ron, and spend a lot of time in Harry Potter fandom defending him because he’s actually quite unpopular. But I relate to Ron and to the Weasley clan in general.

Like Ron, I tend to feel like a sidekick in my own life (ESPECIALLY in high school) at times, I have more popular and conventionally successful siblings, and a big loud, loving family with a tendency to adopt strays. (WHAT UP ALESS & JAIME!) I also get hangry (in a pouty shouty mood when I’ve not had enough to eat!) which is basically Ron’s entire plot line in The Deathly Hallows.

And much like Han and Leia, I appreciate the love story between Ron and Hermione, because as neither of them are our main protagonist, they’re on a narratively even playing field. Also, I love the idea that this totally average dude not only gets the smartest and most talented magical person in his age group but he’s always in total awe of her, but also calls her out on her arrogance or occasional ignorance. It’s a really great love story and a very fun relationship to track, that’s more complex and layered than I think anyone gives it credit for.

It was one of my main criticisms of The Cursed Child that Ron is just a side character while Harry and Hermione get significant action. Even Rowling doesn’t quite know what to do with him, which suits the character quite well. Though defining Ron as “a really good dad” is such a delightful turn, that it’s hard to over complain about it. And my main criticism about Cursed Child is that they went back in time to save Cedric Diggory when REMUS LUPIN IS A PERSON WHO DIED AND ALSO PROBABLY THE BEST PERSON EVER…but I digress.

Anyway, I just wanted to give Ron some love you guys. Because he’s always been my favorite of the main 3 characters. Though not my favorite character.

That’s Lupin. Did I not make that clear? Maybe in the coming weeks I’ll write about that.

4 thoughts on “Weasley Is Our King

  1. Ron was always my favorite of the male kid characters growing up (Hermione for the overall win, and Molly Weasley for the adults). I also always had a feeling he’d grow up to be king of the dad jokes, and I’m so glad I was right.


    • Lupin’s always been my favorite adult character but this reread REALLY cemented it. Molly’s a very close second. They seem to be the only characters who both get that Harry is not like other kids, but want to give him as much space as possible to be like other kids, and it’s beautiful.

      Ron’s my favorite of the 3 mains, but my favorite kid character is Neville. I just love him so very much.


      • Lupin is def my favorite of the Marauders. He’s such a damn good teacher. I did go through a Sirius phase in my teens though – I liked that he was an adult, but kind of bad at it. Also… I always basically pictured him as post-mullet Full House era John Stamos, sooooooooo that probably had a little something to do with it too.

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      • I think that I might add Lupin/Sirius to the Han/Indy personality type test. Like, regardless, if you can answer the question, we’ll probably get along, but it helps me gauge where you’re at.

        That said, Sirius is like the ultimate cool uncle, and that he didn’t get more of a chance to be that is the real tragedy of the whole series.


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