What’s Been Going On and What’s Next

I have a lot going on right now. It is most of it good. The past few weeks I’ve felt strangely overwhelmed and over the past few days, I’ve felt myself finally relax and get it together.

But I’m still really busy, and it’s all in the best way. BUT, here’s some of the stuff that went on in August:

My company’s version of You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown went up. It was incredible. The whole experience reminded me why I love theater, why I take part in theater and the power that this medium has to makeĀ me friends.

That same weekend, I went to go see a Paul McCartney concert. The show was insanely special, and I have that checked off my bucket list now, “See a Beatle perform” Done.

Then I went to go see Cats, which I wrote about already. But again with the reaffirming of theater as a part of the soup that is stuff I love.

Then my brother moved to South Carolina. I’m thrilled for him, this is something that he’s wanted for a very long time, but it’s also something that kicked me in the gut emotionally and made me realize that I’m stuck in a bit of a holding pattern…that I just don’t have time to break right now.

After Cats, came Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert, which really reminded me what I love about so many things. Everyone I saw this concert with was family, and I am SO lucky to have the family that I do. A family that’s willing to laugh and sing and dance and drink and who get along. But I also got to watch Miranda Lambert just, kick ass and take names. I’m working through a piece now about women in country music and anger.

THEN I was down the shore, which is always someone of my favorite days. THEN Juli and Dom got married. And now I’m back at work.

Coming up in the next few weeks?

Tomorrow I fly out to Austin for the weekend. The weekend after that I’m going to a cosplay party in the city with Aless, and then to Renn Faire, and then to see a live taping of the Gilmore Guys podcast with Crystan. The weekend after that I’m driving down to see Chrissy and Glen’s house for the first time and then we’re going the Pennsylvania Renn Faire (with a big old group of people including newlywed Juli!)

Then I finally have a break. This is all GREAT stuff. I’m really excited about all of it, but it’s also, a bit on the overwhelming side. But we’re gonna get there.

One thought on “What’s Been Going On and What’s Next

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy – but in the best of ways! Also, super jealous that you get to go to a Renn Faire. I haven’t been to one since like 7th grade and I want to go SO SO BADLY now that I’m older and can actually appreciate it fully.


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