Game of Thrones Winner: “The Climb”

Hmm, who wins this time? Not Sansa, that’s for sure. Also not Theon, if we’re being totally honest. Or Tyrion, or Cersei, or Loras. I guess Tywin. Tywin gets what he wants.

Yay Tywin

Tywin Lannister

He convinces Lady Olenna that Loras has to marry Cersei, Tyrion that he has to marry Sansa. And he does it all like a total boss. I mean, look, I’m pretty sure on rewatch, he’s my favorite character.

Runner up goes to Ygritte, who got to live her dream of climbing the wall and seeing the whole world spread out before her. And then she gets to make out with Jon Snow.

Ygritte’s pretty lucky.

Grey Worm And Missandei Watch

They aren’t in this episode. But the Jon and Ygritte kiss makes up for all other shipping deficiancies in the episode.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

All of Sansa’s agency is about to go down the toilet. Or even more down the toilet. But wow is this a good episode for Sophie Turner, her awkward conversation with Loras about their wedding is adorable. Her little scene with Shae about her dress is perfect, and her sobbing as she looks at Little Finger’s ship is unreal.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya shoots arrows with the Brotherhood without banners. Then she yells at everyone when they give Gendry to Melisandre. It’s pretty great. I love them so much.

Who Was Jaime a Dick To?

Roose Bolton! Jaime was a dick to Roose Bolton. Who is the only Bolton in the episode. Yuppers. There’s absolutely not another Bolton running around at all. (I’m in denial)

Bran Stark’s Excellent Adventure

Meera and Osha fight about rabbits, and also Jojen has a vision of Jon. So there’s that.

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