Everyday They Grow Stronger

I am not a tiny bit emotionally stable enough for the new Rogue One trailer. I’m sitting at my desk on the verge of tears after watching it again. (I watched it last night during the Olympics, but we were talking during it. Also Kristi was at my house! It was very fun!)

I had every intention of doing a Star Wars themed Cosplay corner this week, but my lap top decided not to work, so let’s just talk about the trailer.

It’s like, really good right? I love the tone that’s being set with this movie, I love the music, and I love this cast.

Oh, right, and Darth Vader, just chilling out.

I’m deeply excited for this movie, and thrilled to learn more about the inner workings of both the rebellion and the empire. A few months ago, maybe at Wizard World Philly, Kristi and I talked about how I’ve always been much more Rebellion focused than Jedi focused, so it seems that this the movie for me!

Also At-Ats! And Tie Fighters! PEW PEW PEW! WEEEEE!!!!!!!

Rogue One is going to top off Movie Season this year, because even though there will probably be other movies coming out after it, I’m going to want to see it a bunch of times…so…

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