Cosplay Corner: Happiness Is Closet Cosplay

Hey Everyone! So, this weekend, my theater company, Tom Foolery Theatre, is presenting our production of You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, and I’ve decided that this week, I’m closet cosplaying Peanuts characters.

If you’re unfamiliar with Peanuts, um, seriously, what planet are you from? Anyway, here they are!

Sally Brown

Sally is Charlie Brown’s rather exuberant younger sister, and probably the biggest draw to the musical for theatre nerds, due to being played on Broadway by Goddess Queen Kristin Chenoweth. To embody her, I kept it simple, a pink dress with a black belt and a pair of black ballet flats.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is really easy. My gold blouse (which has made a few appearances at this point! Then a black skirt, and Good Grief!

Linus Van Pelt

The scarf is the most important part of this outfit, to represent the blanket. Then I wore a red tank top under a black tunic and black pants.

Lucy Van Pelt

Lucy is my favorite outfit of the week. Mostly because I love this blue dress to bits. I also love the Peter Pan collar, which is actually more like a necklace and Mary gave it to me. So, this was my favorite for the week.


This post went up weird because Tech Weeks tend to eat my brain and I forgot that it was scheduled! But it’s all sorted out now!

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