Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill: Season 6: Episodes 21-24


Episode 21: “A Kiss To Build A Dream On”

Victoria continues the OTH parents are better as grandparents pattern by bonding with Sam. She also continues the she’s a bad person pattern by shredding a letter from Sam’s birth mother. This storyline reminds me that for a show that is so much about friends becoming your family of choice it’s awfully caught up in biological and traditional family structures. Kind of weird. Anyway, in the end Sam goes to meet her birth mother and I cry a lot.

Lucas has flashbacks to a road trip he and Peyton took to go see The Cure, but wound up not going as he fixes up the Comet. Peyton is going stir crazy on bed rest. It’s all very cute, even if they don’t bother to change CHM’s hair in the flashbacks and Hilarie Burton’s wig is pretty damn atrocious. It’s all still really cute

Jamie has his first dance and Skills goes and finally sort of gets together with Lauren. Nathan gets a call from a European league and turns it down because he’s going to get to the NBA damnit. There is much talk of not throwing away your shot. (Young scrappy and hungry, that Nathan)  Mia finds out that Chase lost his virginity to Brooke and kind of freaks out. Also Nick Lachey is there, to buy a song from Haley. Guys, it’s really weird, but also I forgot what a good singer Nick Lachey is. Also he gets real snarky about virginity, but gives kudos to Chase for losing it to Brooke. For a man who married the most public virgin pretty much ever, it’s a weird joke to make.

Episode 22: “Show Me How To Live”

Lucas finds the “In Case I Die Baby Box” that Peyton made and he’s a huge douche about it. What a surprise. Anyway, Peyton says she wants to get married now and he says absolutely not, and it’s the worst. He softens though as he and Jamie go through it. This is all very poignant, especially since CMM and Hilarie Burton only have two episodes left. I’m going to miss them, they’re so great.

Nathan is getting ready to play for an NBA scout and he and Mouth talk about long distance relationships sucking. It’s all very sweet. But it’s been a while since we saw super focused game mode Nathan and it’s a character beat that I really like from him.

Sam has a decision to make, either she can be adopted by Brooke or she can go to live with her birth mother. She decides on her birth mother and it’s very emotional. But Brooke now has a new collection inspired by Sam, which is very sweet. They also throw a baby shower for Peyton, which is lovely and there’s lots of hugging and crying.

Skills goes on a date with Lauren, but she’s stuck babysitting for Chuck, but that makes her like him more, because adorable. I love Skills. I know he has like another half a season right? I’m gonna miss him too.

Episode 23: “Forever And Almost Always”

It’s Lucas and Peyton’s wedding day. They get married in the woods. Haley performs the ceremony. At the reception Mia sings. Every one is very happy, especially Peyton, and what annoys me about the episode is not that on their wedding night Peyton collapses and has to be rushed to the hospital (this is One Tree Hill, that’s the stuff of GOLD) but because the episode manages to boil down Peyton’s entire seven season journey as being entirely about Lucas. The whole wedding is about Lucas. It should be about both of them.

Anyway, Lucas invited Julian, who brings the girl who was supposed to play Brooke as his date. So Brooke recruits Nick Lachey as hers. There’s some gentle teasing about boy bands and Julian gets punched in the face. He and Brooke talk and she leaves, because she’s heartbroken and can’t deal. He goes to see her and instead find Victoria and tells her that she ruined Brooke’s life. It’s pretty awesome.

Nathan isn’t going to be in the NBA, but he and Haley have bathroom sex at the wedding, so he’s got that going for him. Skills and Lauren are on Jamie watch. It goes great. Mia teases Chase about Brooke a lot.

That ending though, Lucas covering the house with rose petals and going to show Peyton the Comet, but finding her collapsed on the ground…oof, it’s killer.

Episode 24: “Remember Me As A Time Of Day”

It’s the second of three Series finales! We say goodbye to Peyton and Lucas, but not really? Seriously, it was a major fumble for the show to not tell us where they were going or what the point was. Anyway, Peyton has a baby girl, and for about half the episode is unconscious, but she wakes up and everything’s fine, and Karen’s there, and they name their daughter Sawyer Brooke Scott, which at the time I thought was super dumb, but then I learned was just really southern. Anyway, that’s what happened there.

Much more importantly Nathan got to the NBA! He’s on the Bobcats, I think. How convenient that he’s even still in North Carolina. So that’s what’s going on with that little unit. Mouth gets to announce it on TV, and Millie moves back to Tree Hill.

Dan goes to see Whitey and asks Whitey to shoot him, but instead Whitey forgives him and it’s probably one of the most powerful scenes in the show. He also goes to see Peyton and holds Sawyer, and says that she’s the one person who doesn’t know how awful he is, and it’s just so heartbreaking.

And Brooke and Julian get back together, and she goes to LA and tells him that he loves him. Then we get a split monologue of the gang talking about living a good life, and Peyton and Lucas and Sawyer drive off into the sunset.

End of show.

KIDDING! We have three seasons left. I’ve watched about 1 1/2 of them, so we’ll see how this goes.

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

I hate this arc because it just destroys Peyton. I understand that not being able to build to a new storyline for her because of Hilarie Burton was leaving, made it difficult, but she does nothing and it blunts the impact of the finale in a big way. This watch in particular I was really into Peyton and this season really doesn’t do her any favors, which is a bummer since we never see her again.

Overall Analysis Of This Season

Everything about this season seems like a final season. Brooke opening up, Lucas and Peyton happily ever after, Nathan making the NBA, just all of it. But it’s not. I’m nervous about the next few seasons but we’ll see how it goes.

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