West Covina!!!! CALIFORNIA!!!!

I did a thing this weekend. I mean, I didn’t actually do much. I sat around a lot. But I did a bunch of cosplay work, and watch a ton of TV and so, here we are.

I had a plan though. I was going to eat left overs, and binge something. I landed on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This show is perfect. I should have always been watching this show. I mean, I enjoyed watching Supergirl live, especially because it was a piece of superhero material that my mom liked. But a dark comedy musical about a girl who stalks a summer fling to his crappy LA suburb ten years later? That is a show my mom would have liked even more. (And I like a LOT more.)

My favorite song is probably “I’m The Villain In My Own Story,” just for fun factor, but oh my god is “You Stupid Bitch,” the soundtrack of my life. And “If I Wanted To,” is a joy.

I’ve drunk the Kool Aid. At the moment that I write this, I’m sitting in my room, listening to the soundtrack (with the commentary! There is so much to get overly analytical about!) I can’t believe that I waited so long to get into this show.

Oh, and obviously, Team Greg! And not just because Santino Fontana is the best. (He is. This is objective truth…) But because Greg likes Rebecca even though she’s a nutbar. AND HE’S A LITERAL DISNEY PRINCE. But, he’s probabaly an alcoholic, and totally miserable, and that’s not great.

I get the Josh thing, though, he’s adorable. And sweet and can do so many backflips!

I also understand that the show is trying to show us that love triangles aren’t the point. I see that, but I’m a horrible shipping garbage person and this show makes it hard for me to totally disconnect that.

Anyway, I like the show, I love the characters and I super love the music. You should watch this show. The End.

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