Cosplay Corner: Wonder Edition

Hey everyone! In honor of the Wonder Woman trailer, (and some history made in politics, but we’re not getting into that here…) I decided that this week, I’d dive into Wonder Woman cosplay stuff. Now, Wonder Woman isn’t in my general stuff. Mostly because it’s one of Aless’s favorites, so she tends to lean into it.However, I have done Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark, Young Justice) and may do her again sometime.

It’s a fairly easy costume and it turned out really well. I wore a pair of red yoga pants that I owned already. I bought a black leotard with a turtleneck, and I ironed on the gold WW symbol, I bought the DC Bombshells Wonder Woman accessories, and a blond wig. I also wore Jazz sneakers, which are my favorite shoes in the world, because for people with normal feet, they force your feet to arch, but if you’re a high arched freak like me, they just fit your natural shape. I used to use them for dance auditions, now I use them to actually be comfortable at comic con.


Anyway, the leotard fell apart almost immediately which is why I’ve never worn it again. (I’m also not nuts about the wig, to be frank…)

Closet Cosplay

I did a quick Closet Cosplay of Wonder Woman at Wizard World Philly, but that was with the Wonder Woman accessories set, and that’s no good for work, and as we’ve discussed, these are all supposed to be work appropriate.

So, I threw together some other accessories. Jeans, and red tank top make for a good base. (Red Tee Shirt, will also work, I don’t have one of those though…) I also have this gold and black sparkly belt, which is my lasso of truth for the day. I’m wearing a bronze headband, and two similar silver bracelets. I’m Wonder Woman.

So that’s what’s going on this week with cosplay. Next week I have some cool stuff coming up, and I really am planning on pushing through this feature until after my birthday.

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