Summer Time, And The Conning Is Easy

I was really disappointed that this year Reed Pop didn’t hold Special Edition, as it was one of my favorite cons last year. But I was saved, still getting a summer convention, because Heroes & Villains Fanfest, which had been swallowed in a Snowpacoplyse in January was rescheduled for this weekend.

So I drove all of twenty minutes to Seacaucus, NJ, and Juli and I met up to enjoy The Fanfest. As is the case with most smaller cons, it’s a matter of deciding if this one fits your interest. And as great as Fanfest was, it could have basically been renamed Arrow-fest, which was great for me, as I’ve seen every episode of Arrow, and really only continue watching because of how much I like the cast. (The show it’self is just, meh…)

I did get to create an awesome moment, in getting a photo op with Katie Cassidy and Caity Lotz, dressed as Black Canary. They both got really excited by my costume and I really like the picture that came out of it.


But, that wasn’t the highlight. The highlight was (as usual) John Barrowman. I insisted that we attend his solo panel, where, as is his style, he took questions, told stories, sang and interacted with the fans.

Look, I’ve had a lot of fun fan engagement, between stage doors at Broadway shows and Comic Conventions. But, and I think it has something to do with him being from theatre, there’s nothing quite like Barrowman. His passion for his work, his fans and his general life (of which he admits he has quite an awesome one), is beyond compare and always worth checking out.

On Day 2, we saw him and his sister (and co writer) Carole together, and that was also exciting. Those were actually the only panels we attended, besides the Costume Contest.

We spent most of Saturday at the DC Cosplayers East Photoshoot, where my Black Canary fit right in, and Juli’s adorable take on Supergirl was a huge hit.

The second day we went Marvel, me as Captain America, and Juli as Wolverine. We had a lot of fun, although we were pretty hung over.

Overall though, I’m glad I did Fanfest, though if there hadn’t been a Living Social coupon, I don’t know that I would have laid out the full price ticket. It better fit my interest than Wintercon back in December, but it was still a little too small to be a full on trip

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