Cosplay Corner: Heroes And Villains Fanfest

I actually don’t have a lot to say in this cosplay corner, as I get ready for Heroes and Villains Fanfest this weekend.

I’m going to be wearing Black Canary and Captain America.

I’ve already spelled out my Captain America Costume, so rather than recount that, I’ll go into detail about Black Canary.

This is probably my favorite costume to wear, and it’s certainly the one I’ve worn the most. (Besides Cap!)

The thing that makes it tough is that if I gain even a pound I feel profoundly uncomfortable in it.

Anyway, the wig, which is a primary and important piece comes from Vogue Wigs. I love the site, and it’s actually the exact same wig as my Jessica Jones costume, just platinum blonde instead of black.

The leotard is an old dance leotard from god knows when, but this is important, I recommend wearing actual dance wear for leotards. The times when I haven’t, it’s nowhere near as comfortable, they don’t hold up and don’t peel off easily for bathroom breaks (this costume is surprisingly simple to pee in!)

I wear dance tights under everything because it makes my legs look smooth and prevents chafing, and I use Leg Avenue fishnets, because they’re sturdy and fit well.

The leather vest was a Forever 21 purchase, initially meant for a Shadowhunter costume, but got repurposed here. I wear combat boots, mostly for comfort but also because it apes the Annie Wu design, which I completely adore. If it’s cold (which it won’t be this weekend) I through on a black leather jacket too, but again, I seriously doubt that will be necessary this weekend. I also wear the black choker, which I bought from Claire’s.

Closet Cosplay – Green Arrow

Since I’m talking about Black Canary for Cons, I figured for closet cosplay, I’d channel her sometimes boyfriend/husband, The Green Arrow!

I have almost as many green pieces of clothing as I do black (green goes quite nicely with my eyes.)

But I landed on a pea green sundress, over a brown camisole, with my brown Frye Boots.

I’d recommend adding jewelery with arrows on it too. There’s plenty around, I just don’t own any!

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