Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 5 Episodes 15-18

OTH Season 5

Episode 15: “Life Is Short”

It’s Jamie’s Birthday, which is weird, because I thought that Jamie was born on graduation day, and this episode takes place right before the playoffs? (Continuity! Come on people!) What does this very put upon five year old want? A Wii, and to see his grandpa. His grandpa also wants to see him, but Nathan, Haley and Deb are (rightfully) wary of any interaction with Dan, who, lest we forget, is basically the devil. Dan shows up at Jamie’s birthday party anyway and gives Jamie Nathan’s first jersey as a gift. When Nathan confronts him about it, he says that he’s dying and that he wants to leave Nathan the beach house. Nathan basically spits in his face.

Brooke is having trouble with Baby Angie, who just won’t stop crying. She also has to get a bunch of work done, and it’s not happening because of the baby and the inability to focus. It’s actually a really fun story and I particularly like the moment it creates with Lucas when she shows up on his doorstep looking for help.

Peyton, meanwhile has a long talk with Skills about how she and Lucas belong together, but she’s letting it go for the moment, because he doesn’t need that. I think this is very big of Peyton. But, as I’ve made pretty clear, I’m very into her this go round. Skills confesses he feels guilty about Jamie’s kidnapping and he’s pretty sure that Haley and Nathan no longer trust him with the kid.

This is categorically untrue, it’s just that they’re jumpy about Jamie lately and they say so when they all have a conversation about it. That’s another thing about One Tree Hill in general, but specifically Season 5 that I’m noticing, the characters actually talk to each other, so these kinds of conflicts don’t fester that much. It’s almost refreshing.

Lindsey comes to Jamie’s birthday party, which Lucas thinks is a sign that she wants to get back together. It’s actually just a sign of her wanting to come pick up her shit, but of course Mr. I Know How People Really Feel Even Though They Tell Me The Exact Oposite Lucas Scott doesn’t buy this.

Also, Deb hooks up with Jamie’s birthday clown. Oh Deb!

Episode 16: “Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now”

Dan is dying and The Scott clan has to decide what that means to them. Especially Nathan. Here’s a thing that’s always annoyed me about Lucas in the later seasons. His insistence that Nathan have the same or similar feelings as he does about Dan. Lucas didn’t really know Dan until he was teenager. Dan may have been an emotionally abusive father, but he did raise Nathan, which makes his emotions a lot more complicated when it comes to his father. Anyway, Nathan and Dan talk and Nathan tells him that he’s never going to forgive him.

Haley is dealing with the “what do we do about Jamie wanting to see Dan” issue, and she deals with it by having him write Dan a thank you note, but then she throws it away, which is probably going to come back to bite her in the butt.

Lucas and Skills are still trying to figure out what the Ravens are going to look like without Q, and land on a kind of crazy strategy of putting Q at point guard and having the rest of the team shoot three points to make up for his points. They got the strategy from Jamie, which is awesome. Q and Nathan also talk about their respective injuries and Nathan’s come back. Nathan commits to it, for Jamie.

Brooke pitches a line of baby clothes inspired by Angie, who is she is also getting ready for her heart surgery. I love Brooke with the baby. It’s something I’m really looking forward to seeing when I get to the stuff I haven’t watched yet, because Brooke actually becoming a mom is one of the only storylines I really regret missing out on.

Episode 17: “Hate Is Safer Than Love”

Lindsey ends things with Lucas, she’s met someone else. He’s really pissed and upset about it, especially since it happens in the middle of the Ravens game. He freaks out on the ref and then one of the players on the other team. He gets thrown out of the game and then goes to see Brooke at the hospital where she’s waiting for Angie to wake up from her surgery. Then goes to Tric to get drunk. Peyton gets him home he says that he hates her. Which is way harsh.

Brooke is in full freak out mode. But she’s also doing really well. She befriends Angie’s doctor and cries beautifully.

Jamie finds his note to Dan in the trash and runs away. Haley finds him and they talk about it, and in the end she lets him give it to Dan, telling Dan that this is for Jamie not for him.  Dan also learns that he’s number two on a heart donor list, behind a minister who’s lived a good life. Karma’s a bitch right?

Nathan is training again. He and Jamie go running in the mornings. It’s adorable and perfect. Haley is working on her album and Mia is back, chatting about life on the road and it gets Haley nervous about balancing her life. Peyton reassures her, that she’s going to be great, and that she shouldn’t be afraid for the album and any success that comes after that.

Oh also Skills and Deb hook up. Which is ridiculous. And awesome.

Everything is in free fall.

Episode 18: “What Comes After The Blues”

Lucas us depressed and all he’s doing is getting drunk and lying in bed. He wakes up one morning with a mohawk to Jamie and Nathan, mirroring Nathan waking up on the couch early in the season. Nathan tells him he needs to get it together. Jamie decides he also wants a Mohawk. So that’s a fun runner.

Lucas has been suspended for 10 games and there are only 11 left in the season. So that’s kind of a bummer. Lindsey stops by to say her final goodbye, but he also talks to Brooke as she gives Angie away and he sees the giant mural of The Cure’s “I Will Always Love You,” that Peyton painted on the river court.

Haley records a song and Nathan dunks again, also Jamie overcomes his fear of swimming. Which I didn’t know was a thing. Anyway, it’s really cute. Deb and Skills are still hooking up and Mouth quits his job. We get two big cliff hangers, Dan gets hit by a car when the Reverend dies and Lucas calls, someone and asks them to meet him at the airport and elope to Vegas.

Who is? Just kidding, we know who it is.

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

A lot more happens here than I remembered and there are few things that I love like I do the relationship between Jamie and Dan, which gets it’s sweetest moment here. I also love the beginning of Deb and Skills’s relationship just for pure whackiness, but there’s nothing more boring than the Lucas waffling. The Nathan comeback arc starts getting strong here, but it’s really at it’s best in Season 6.

Overall Analysis of This Season

Season 5 is kind of a bummer, because it starts out so strong and then just sort of peeters out. But the first half really is crazy good, and I actually really enjoy the Lucas and Lindsey relationship, even if it does cause us to see Peyton at her worst. The Brooke stuff this season and the Naley stuff really is great, and it introduced us to Joe Manginello, and I really can’t emphasize this enough, this is something that we all need to thank One Tree Hill for. Think of what Magic Mike and True Blood would be without him? Not as good, is what they’d be. (Honestly, I’m writing a blog about One Tree Hill, do you really think that I’m above Vampires Have Sex: The Show and Shirtless Dancing Men: The Movie?)

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