Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Saturn Rising

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Look, this is the third version of this story that I’ve taken in, and I understand that when Sailor Saturn wakes up it means that shit is about to go down. Her job is literally to end the world so that disaster doesn’t further spread or whatever, but damn is it cool when she emerges.

But the episode begins with the Sailors Moon transforming into their Super Selves and it’s really great, they also attack the monster with a “Double Moon Heart Ache” and it looks amazing.

I could spend an entire post just talking about how beautiful this season has been.

But I won’t because we’ve got some plot to deal with. So, after the Double Heart Attack doesn’t do the job, Sailor Saturn is born and explains how she was never supposed to awaken in this time, but because Professor Tomoe just had to turn his daughter into a cyborg, it ruined everything.

Uranus, is kind of having none of it and like the pure straight up bad ass that she is she charges at Saturn as Saturn is getting ready to wipe out existence.

And that’s where things end. Seriously. There actually isn’t a lot of plot momentum here because we get the Saturn awakening and explanation, but the other pause and enjoy it moment comes when Usagi realizes that everyone has always watched over and guarded her and that now it’s her turn to guard everyone else.

Seriously, it’s always my favorite story climax when Usagi realizes that it’s time for her to fight, and that she does it with love power from and for her friends.

Also, does Mamoru have powers? I always thought Tuxedo Mask was a Hawkeye type, you know, no particular powers, but lots of skills and everyone thinks he’s useless until he isn’t? Also, I cannot watch that Mamoru closing theme without laughing. I get what they’re going for, but it’s just so unrepentantly corny and hilarious.

Anyway, we only have one more episode. And then one week where I write a heartfelt post about what the past year and a half has meant to me, discovering this crazy new fandom.

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