Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Chibi Power Up

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Sometimes the soul of your friend has to break out of her cyborg body and return your mystical rock heart to you, so that you and the teenage incarnation of your parents and all their friends can save the earth from being consumed by a giant black ink monster with a spikey back.

Or you know, that’s the case when you’re Chibi-Usa, in this episode. Hotaru’s spirit refuses to be chained by Mistress 9, she saves the Senshi, she saves Chibi-Usa, and through the power of feels, Chibi-Usa gets her power up to become Super Sailor-Chibi Moon.

Mistress 9 explains the plan that Pharoah 90 has, which is basically to turn earth into a copy of their solar system. It’s actually the most practical of any Sailor Moon bad guy plans, except maybe for Galaxia.

But not everyone can be the best.

Oh, also, Tuxedo Mask decides to get up off his butt and finally fight for once. (I do like the turn around, story wise, of Mamoru sitting at Chibi-Usa’s bed side while the girls fight, it’s the sort of thing that Sailor Moon does exceptionally well.)

Anyway, the Super Sailor Moons and the Inner Senshi get to work fighting the scary monster that popped out of Mistress 9.

And that’s the cliff hanger. Overall I’m thrilled with this arc and how it’s been paced, but it is hard to keep track of which fight happens where now that we’re in the climactic battle with the big bad.

But I’m excited to see Saturn, who has to be coming next week right? RIGHT????


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