Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 5: Episode 6-10

OTH Season 5

Season 5: Episode 6: “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

So much comes to a head in this episode and it’s so beautiful. Jamie has been having nightmares about Dan because Skills told him that Dan is in prison and not dead, as he’d always thought. Lucas has a stress dream about Lindsey turning him down the way that Peyton did. He confronts Peyton about that night and they have a big screaming match about how he’s a big entitled baby. This is after she tells Haley that she doesn’t like Lindsey and Lindsey hears.

It’s very dramatic. And seriously, poor Lindsey. I really do pity her.

Meanwhile, Carrie has started hitting on Nathan, subtly but it’s happening. Haley is noticing and is trying to put boundaries up, but Carrie is smashing through those boundaries.

Mouth has been having an affair with his boss and that is also not going terribly well, but he’s at least enjoying himself. Mia tries to play for Victoria and chokes, which actually leads, in a round about way to the whole Peyton meltdown.

Oh, also Haley and Lucas come up with the plan of having Q read Les Miserables in order to stay eligible to play ball. And that is a really hard assignment and absolutely awesome. I half expected it to be The Grapes Of Wrath though, because that’s Lucas’s favorite book.

Season 5: Episode 7: “In da Club”

Everyone heads to Tric for a party night and of course there’s tons of tension because of the Peyton and Lindsey issue. Lucas is still determined for them to get along and everyone is like, why? Listen to your friends Luke, they are wise and understand that you are a massively huge dumbass. Anyway, Lindwhole night flirting sey finally tells him off, and he goes to Peyton to be all, what’s your problem, and they kiss. But then he asks Lindsey to marry him. Ugh, the whiplash.

Mia is performing and she’s got stage fright. K-Fed shows up and heckles her but she kicks ass just to prove him wrong. Then he’s obnoxious to Haley and Nathan gets in his face. Haley gets Nathan to back down, but Q punches him in the face instead. It’s a pretty great scene. Haley then gets pissed at Nathan about it. But she’s actually pissed because she saw the Lucas and Peyton kiss.

Brooke spends the night trying to flirt with Owen the bartender and keep Victoria from being completely embarrassing. Mouth and Millie go on a date. Carrie spends the night agressively hitting on Nathan and he does not shut her down. It’s pretty gross and awful.

Season5: Episode 8: “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”

Lucas and Lindsey are engaged! Peyton is heartbroken over it, and I don’t really blame her. this is a terrible set back for her, but also, Haley is right about the fact that when she said no, she gave Lucas the space to move on and she can’t be angry about it. But that doesn’t stop Peyton from being really, really mad.

Brooke, meanwhile, is still in the flirt circle with Owen. He’s being infuriatingly opaque with her, and while I absolutely love that she pulls the old school naked in his back seat move in response to his “what’s under all the clothes, Brooke Davis?” question, there’s nothing better than her ranting to Jamie about how annoyed she is by him.

Mouth and Millie watch a ballet together and have their first kiss. It’s adorable. Also, Mouth gets a shot to cover the next Raven’s game.

While proposing, Lucas lets Lindsey know that he was waiting to propose until he wrote a second book, because he’s afraid that just being a basketball coach won’t be enough for her. This is actually very nice, and Lindsey’s response is also great. I actually really like Lindsey, even though she’s just doomed. Meanwhile, Haley’s really busy with school and Mia and Carrie is picking up more slack at home and entrenching herself further with Nathan and Jamie, and even kisses Nathan.

But the crazy still hasn’t come out yet. I’m waiting for the crazy.

Season 5: Episode 9: “For Tonight You’re Only Here To Know”

It’s the first Raven’s game of the season, and everyone is meditating on the past and also Carrie quits, right as Nathan was about to tell Haley about the kiss. He still feels guilty. That’s kind of the only Nathan action this episode.

Lucas makes a rousing speech to the new Ravens, and gives them uniforms. Skills and Q are also there. Q has an adorable scene with Jamie. Mouth is narrating the episode as he puts together his story. He and Lucas meditate on Jimmy and Keith. It’s sweet.

The meat of the episode comes though, when through shenanigans, Peyton, Mia, Brooke, Haley and Lindsey find themselves locked in the library and Peyton and Lindsey have it out. We also learn a bit more about the Lindsey and Mia tries to take the conversation to a more positive place. It doesn’t quite work but the idea isn’t a bad one. Overall it’s a good episode, and the bonding that takes place feels genuine, if shallow. Brooke’s refusal to explain her relationship with Victoria is still annoying though. (And to accept that it’s dysfunctional.)

Anyway, they all get out because Tim delivers them a pizza! I’d missed Tim, he named his son Nathan…of course he did. Just everything about this appearance is perfect.

Season 5: Episode 10: “Running To Stand Still”

When Nathan and Jamie get home from the game, Nathan takes a shower and Carrie gets in with him. He freaks, and Haley comes in and she freaks and kicks him out of the house. He goes to Lucas’s where they learn that Dan is up for parole.

This is not a good night for Nathan.

Brooke decides to take Owen to New York to show him her life, but that’s interrupted when they find Rachel OD’d in Brooke’s apartment. It’s great to see Rachel again and especially great to see her be a complete train wreck. We learn that Owen is 8 years sober and he advises Brooke to be a good friend and that he remains unimpressed with her trappings. “What’s under all the clothes Brooke Davis?” is repeated. Oh, and also the world is introduced to shirtless Joe Manginello.

As shirtless Joe Manginello is now an important institution of the entertainment industry, I think we should thank the show for that.

Lucas and Nathan go to Dan’s parole hearing to argue that he should not get out. Dan makes a speech about always loving Karen and regretting abandoning Lucas. He gets out about it. Peyton and Mia make a deal with her old boss that gives them a bigger stage but maintains their autonomy, because of magic? I don’t really get the mechanics of this deal.

Oh also, Carrie shows up at Jamie’s school and tells him that she wants him to be her little boy. The crazy is beginning. She also thinks Nathan is in love with her. While Nathan and Haley fight about her, Jamie falls in the pool and after saving him, Haley screams that she wants a divorce.

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

There’s so much place setting in this arc, and none of it does much of anything. You know Lucas won’t marry Lindsey. You know that Haley and Nathan won’t split up. (And not just because I’ve watched the show before, because of how this show works.) The only thing that’s even remotely intriguing is the Brooke and Owen stuff, and even that’s not…great…it’s a shame because this season starts so strong but the middle is kind of blah.

Mia’s great though. And now Dan’s out of prison.

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