Cosplay Corner: Poe Dameron, Ravenclaw & Turtle Power

For part 2 of this feature, since last week I talked about my laziest cosplay, I figured today I’d talk about my most complex one!

Con Ready Costumes

Poe Dameron

For Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (BEST CON EVERRR!) I dressed as Poe Dameron, in X-Wing Uniform…it still needs some work, but I put a lot of work into it and love it a lot.

The most important element is the orange jumpsuit, which I purchased on Amazon (I’ll be saying that a lot in these features…), and the white vest, which I got for my Princess Leia costume. I ordered a tactical belt and gun holster, as well as a toy blaster, and a few sets on suspenders.

Then came the chest piece, which was about a day of work, which considering I’d never done anything like this before, is not bad. So, how did I do it? I purchased an outdoor electrical switch panel, and used paint pens to decorate it to look like the pilot’s chest pieces. I then bought a vacuum tube and hot glued it to the bottom.

Then I stitched this piece to one of the sets of suspenders, and clipped them to the tactical belt, I worse the combat boots that I’ve had for a few years (actually purchased for Black Canary!) I realized that the look is more complete if I pin the suspenders to the vest, so that happened.

And of course I had the best possible accessory, Kristi as BB-8.

Closet Cosplay

I actually wore one of these last week, but I didn’t have time to write it up. The other is in celebration (???) of this week’s movie season movie…

Ravenclaw House Pride (Harry Potter)

Like many nerds, I can talk about my Hogwarts House for hours and why I feel I belong there. (I can also expound on my Westeros house, but that’s for another day). I’m a Ravenclaw. I’m all about cleverness and reading and school. I’m a confirmed nerd, so I belong in Ravenclaw.

So this outfit plays on that. I should note that this entire outfit is from the H&M basics collection, so it probably costs a total of $20, which is why I love the H&M basics collection. (Also all those clothes fit me really well.)

Anyway, high waist black pencil skirt, with a blue tank top under a sheer black crop top. Add in a snitch necklace, my long chain with a pair of wings to represent the raven, and the blue bead earrings that I got as a bridesmaid gift from Chrissy! I just wore black flats with it, because work day.

Heroes in A Half Shell! Turtle Power! – Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

If I wake up in time to get a half price morning ticket, I’ll be going to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows, (tonight I’m hitting up Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping and on Wednesday I saw The Nice Guys) but on Wednesday I managed to throw together a Turtle closet cosplay. Raphael has always been my favorite, so I leaned into that.

The Red Tank Top reps Raphael for me. The green skirt and brown leggings are supposed to represent a turtle shell and the combat boots get the “ninja” idea across.

This one was really lazy, but that’s sort of the point of closet cosplays, right?

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