Game of Thrones Winner: A Broken Man

There was a clear winner this week. Very clear. I don’t like it and you probably don’t either.

But this week’s winner is The Waif.

The Waif

Smug Bitch

The Waif stabbed Arya in the gut. I forgot for a minute that we were watching New Thrones, and thought that they might actually kill Arya. Early Thrones absolutely would have killed her. But right now she’s wandering around Braavos, bleeding from the gut. And The Waif did it, and she’s clearly very happy with herself.

The runner up is Davos, who made a new Princess Friend in Lady Lyanna Mormont. Seriously, dude is good at talking to tough little girls. It kind of makes me wish that Davos had met Arya at some point along the way.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

The only shipping stuff that happened this week is that we’re a step closer to Brienne and Jaime being in the same place again.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

“You’re a Bolton, or a Lannister, I’ve heard conflicting reports.” “I did what I needed to do to survive”

And with that Sansa has reframed her story and not a minute too late. She also signs a letter “Sansa Stark” and brands it with the Direwolf sigil. She’s a Stark now, and forever. I do wonder who she’s writing to. Brienne? Little Finger? Lord Robyn? The Blackfish.

Arya Badass Watch

Not so good, what with the being stabbed in the gut and all.

Bran Stark’s Excellent Adventure

No movement here this week. Instead we get a really cool showdown between The Kingslayer and The Black Fish. It’s really, really cool.

King Tommen The Adorable

Not in the episode. But he did complain to the High Sparrow about Margaery not having sex with him anymore. Which is less adorable and more, well, teenage boy of him. But he was supplanted by Lady Lyanna Mormont, who was both cute and fierce, like a tiny Tiger Cub (or bear cub, I guess, because Mormont…)


So Yara’s a lesbian? This is new information. Anyway, she and Theon are headed to Mereen, hoping to get to Dany. I somehow see Dany being super into helping Theon. She likes revenge scenarios and that’s what Theon needs.

Oh and hey The Hound is Back and Ian McShane was around for five whole minutes before the Brotherhood Without Banners killed him., maybe Lady Stoneheart.

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