Sailor Moon Crystal Check in: Dance The Magic Dance

(The title is a Labrynth reference…if you didn’t catch that)

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

So, Chibi-Usa is in the hospital because Mistress 9 (that’s her name!) stole her soul, or whatever. Luckily, she’s a magical moon child, and has a very caring father, because Mamoru offers to share his life force with his future daughter. (He also gets the new closing credits, which seem very discoey, which is both weird and totally fitting!)

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon and the other Senshi are off to fight for both Hotaru’s soul and Chibi-Usa’s and it’s really, quite sweet. So they go off to Mugen Academy, the outers following not far behind, and they get into a really cool battle with the Witches 5, where the Senshi are tempted with the things they want besides being Senshi, to get them out of the way.

It doesn’t work because these ladies are determined, and in the end, the outers even join up and everyone lends Sailor Moon their strength so that she can be Super Sailor Moon again.

I want to focus on each girl’s fantasy though and what that means for them. This season, much more than 1 & 2 has done a great job with it’s limited space in giving the Inner Senshi their own spot lights. It’s partly because the manga has more to work with, but it would be very easy to shift most focus to Chibi-Usa, (Though I guess that’s more next season, that’s really her story…) and the Outer (who are also not getting skimped on.) Rei’s vision of serenity and order, Ami’s desire to strive for medical school, Minako in front of a crowd as an idol, Mako in a full garden full of rare plants.

But they rally, and they get to their friend. They all want to help, and being a Senshi is very important to them. So everyone is off to fight. I’m looking forward to seeing what that looks like from here on out!

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