Game of Thrones Winner: The Door

I had to think a lot about this week’s winner, because unlike the past few weeks there wasn’t a clear winner.

I mean, I guess, Euron Greyjoy won, because of Kingsmoot! But when I really thought about it, I decided to give the win to a bit of an underdog.

Meera Reed!


Even though Hodor’s fate can be a little bit blamed on her. (Though mostly on Bran, being a ninkompoop about Past Warging) She also put a speer through the heart of that white walker and it was totally bad ass. Like, totally badass.

Runner up goes to Jorah, who finally told Dany how he felt, and then got a royal order to go seek out a cure for his greyscale. (Wept through that the whole time, by the way.) It was really a lovely scene. But also, our girl is on her way home, to a peaceful (ish) city. But without her bear body guard. And it’s very sad. But also cathartic.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Didn’t do much, but they sat around while Varys and Tyrion made their “recruit the red priests and prestesses” plan. That Varys also doesn’t seem to like much. But turns out that something else happened the night that Varys got cut, and it’s kind of weird.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

So Sansa told Little Finger off and it was glorious. She’s also just totally all set to take back the North. She also sends Brienne to Riverrun, and I don’t see that ending well, because, I mean, could it be possible, after all of this time, might we see…could there possibly be Lady Stoneheart?????? Anyway, Sansa is just running around with all the agency this season. I really appreciate it.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya gets her new assignment, to kill an actress who is currently performing as Cersei in a play about the events surrounding her father’s death. As Arya watches the play you see her getting disturbed and it’s actually quite the scene. But anyway, she accepts the assignment, but I think that Arya is still more Arya than a girl, because she’s questioning it.


Yara comes this close to winning the Iron Islands, with Theon supporting her, but then Euron shows up and ruins everything. He wins by saying that he’s going to go to Mereen and get Danerys and I somehow don’t see that working out, except that Dany does need ships…it’s awfully complicated though

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Winner: The Door

  1. Meera was awesome agreed! But I think the battle was pretty much all Bran’s fault. He didn’t listen! Ugh why can’t any apprentice ever listen to their mentor! I mean you kind of knew he was going to mess it up, but I thought we’d at least get to finally confirm what happened in the tower before he did something bad in one of his time traveling adventures! I was obviously crushed by “Hold the door”, but also by Summer’s brutal death! Not another dire wolf! Finally, Dany= queen of leading guys on- as if she doesn’t have enough titles! Jorah confesses his love, and she tells him to find the cure because she needs him ‘by her side’? I’m sure he knows she means ‘as her advisor’ but obviously part of him hopes she means more. Poor guy. He is a glutton for punishment- he just keeps on coming back for more!


    • I can’t even deal with the massacre of the wolves. It’s supposed to be somewhat meaningful to her character that Sansa lost her wolf…now it’s just, uh, no more wolves, except Ghost sometimes. (Though I am holding out hope that Shaggydog’s death was a fakeout…)

      I don’t know that Dany’s leading Jorah on, exactly. I think she’s very aware of his feelings and doesn’t quite know what to do there. The problem is that it’s a carry over from the books where Dany is like 12, and it’s a way less wholesome dynamic. But yeah, there’s no way that’s EVER happening. But I hope he cures his greyscale.


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