Schedule Problems

My schedule is royally messed up this week. The One Tree Hill post is not ready, and I made the decision to get caught up on The Flash rather than watch anything else, so my schedule is kind of messed up.

I’ll still do Sailor Moon tomorrow, and One Tree Hill will most likely go up on Friday, and hopefully I can pick momentum up back on that train. (been watching episodes again and I do love them. I was just resting on the huge lead I’d gotten and it caught up with me.)

I of course hadn’t taken into account that I’m going into my busy season of life at the moment, and now that Kristi is on board, Con Season will be even crazier, since she just went and bought tickets and photo ops for Philly so there’s no backing out now. (This is good, I was waffling like crazy on whether or not to go, so now I’m going, 2 days.)

Anyway, I don’t regret getting caught up on The Flash, because I do this thing where I forget how good that show is, and then it’s like “Oh yeah, The Flash is the best superhero show on TV…” the end of the season has been, funny, had decent action, and so much heart that it was worth burning my schedule to the ground to get on board. (Also, my stuff is starting to clog the DVR again, and that’s how I lost track of Legends of Tomorrow, although I’m told that isn’t much of a loss…) I still have to get caught up on Scandal and Arrow and Agents, but luckily I have a bunch of time this weekend to do just that (and get back on the OTH horse.)

I’m also hoping to get to see The Nice Guys this weekend. (Yes, that I’m diving into Con season will not distract from movie season, it’s just, movie season seems to be gearing up more slowly…also, I still need to see The Jungle Book and Keanu, which aren’t even Movie Season Qualified as they came out before the spring Marvel movie. I know that these rules are arbitrary and I made them up but they give me structure, so yeah, that’s the deal.

So, that’s why you’re not reading about the Tree Hill gang today. You’ll read about them on Friday. Sorry.

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