Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: The Return of Puu!

This episode was all about Sailor Pluto, well, not really, but she’s there, and it’s pretty great.

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Setsuna is working on plants for the professor, and she’s also freinds with Motoki and Reiya who are definitely in this episode and definitely adorable. They give us so exposition about the weird black clouds that hang around outside of Mugen Academy, which is why they aren’t going on dates to any of the fancy restaurants there. (Seriously, what is this school?) 

Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa’s next school assignment is to give her Holy Grail to someone she cares about, and when a boy in class tries to give his art project to her (and her adorable school friends all tease him for it) she realizes she should give it to Hotaru.(OTP BABY!) So she goes to do that, and while Hotaru is touched, but says that Chibi-Usa should give it to her family instead.

Usagi chases after Haruka and Michiru at one point, and they look super hot. Usagi refers to them as her allies, and they’re not really buying it and I really do hate this stretch because, I mean honestly, it sucks, and is really heart wrenching, even if it’s totally necessary and kind of beautiful.

Hotaru gets a scene at school where a bunch of kids are mean to her because, she’s sick? She drops her books? She’s kind of a weirdo, and probably a cyborg? I’m really not exactly sure what the point is of her being bullied, except to further show that Hotaru is kind of miserable when she’s not with Chibi-Usa? I don’t know. It’s weird.

Anyway, the Senshi wind up fighting some killer plants being helmed by one of the Witches 5 and they get spanked. Hoping to help out, Chibi-Moon gets her Moon Rod and brings forth my favorite Senshi Attack, “Pink Sugar Heart Attack.” (It’s so twee and perfect!) and when that also doesn’t work, it’s time for domination.

“Dead Scream.” Pluto takes the plants out. 

But of course then the episode ends. Just cuts off. And we get that adorable ending song with Chibi-Usa again…my god is it adorable!

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