Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: So Many Snuggles

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

OK, so this week, we got everyone dealing with the whole, “new Senshi” fallout and also Chibi-Usa does a parent trap!

OK, seriously, though…The Inners fight The Outers and realize that Neptune’s mirror and Uranus’s sword are both Talismans (Talismen?). Also, Ami fights a Deathbuster by herself LIKE A BOSS.

A lot happened in this episode. But I’m having focus issues, so let me bring it in for the real thing.

After their confrontation with Sailors Uranus and Neptune, the inner Senshi decide that they must be enemies, what with all of that attacking them for no reason stuff. Usagi isn’t so sure, because “We’re all guardians! We should be friends.”

I love her so much.

That night, she and Mamoru have the same dream about The Deity of Destruction, and they wake up, you know TOGETHER, in HIS BED with CHIBI-USA SNUGGLING and it’s the most adorable thing in the world. They hold hands and looked worried at each other.

The next day, Usagi is sitting around in a park like she do, and Haruka “Guess Whos?” her and they talk about Haruka’s androgyny, and then they kiss and Mamoru sees and then they go back to his place and are awkward until Chibi-Usa shows up and talks about wanting to make a Holy Grail for school.

Usagi doesn’t know what that is, but they do it anyway, and during the project they make up and Chibi-Usa falls asleep and PARENT TRAP!

We’re burning through the Witches 5, which is fine, I don’t miss the repetitive nature of the original anime, although I do miss getting to know everyone a little bit better. I’m also very into the increased focus on Rei (obviously) and her visions of destruction.

The episode ends with us seeing Setsuna for the first time! Guyssss, outer senshi are assembling and it’s totally the best!!!!

So movie season starts tonight, and that’s going to be a thing in my life for the next 7 months. (Marvel to Star Wars…that’s the way this works.)


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